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Are there any bubs out there who are 9 months + and still have no teeth? My little girl still has no teeth but occassionally is grumpy, dribbles like a St Bernard and has rosey cheeks. I think they must be moving up and down but are too scared to make an appearance. I'm not sure if this is right and am thinking of going to see our Dr.
Hi Janelle,
My daughter is turing one next week and only has two teeth! She cut them at around 8 months. I wouldnt worry to much, I would speak with your Maternal Health Nurse before you see a doctor.All babies are different, a positive for you is that your daughter is older and can probably cope with teething easier than say a 4 month old.I hope this eases your mind a little,
PS My sisters name is Janelle also! Spelt the same to!

Jordan 7/3/01 & Ashleigh 5/4/04

my niece didn't get her first tooth until a year old! she is now 2 and not slow to develop in any other way.
my daughter has just got her first tooth at 9.5 months, she dribbles like a fountain too!
i wouldnt worry if i were you. they come in in their own time.


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My daughter got her first two teeth at 6.5 months and didn't get anymore until she was 10 months and 5 came out in 1 week. I was stressing before she got anymore, but they did come and so i'm learning that these bubs do things in their own good time. I was told that as long as you can see an outline of teeth in gums you know they are there and will come out eventually!

Kind Regards

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My first daughter was 14 months before she got her first tooth, once that one appeared the rest came rather quick. She was dribbling all the time from about 4 months and every time she was cranky we put it down to teething! My second daughter is nearly 10 months and is heading the same way as my first.
They will come eventually, and the health nurse said they wont do any thing until the child is about 18 months and has still no teeth.
So I wouldnt worry to much, they can still chomp down their food no worries.

Delma, Vic, Mum to Keeley and Ella

Tahlia got her first tooth at just over 10 months, and then the next 3 came through within a month. Then nothing until 13 months, one has just popped through and I can see another 3 on the way. They are all different and do things in their one time.
It's one of those things that are beyond your control - well, that's how I think if it !

Aidan's 10 months old and still toothless... I'm still breastfeeding so I'm happy that he's just got gums at the moment.
Hi All

Thanks for all your lovely replies. Kaitlyn now has 6 teeth and they have all come in the last 2 weeks. They aren't fully out yet though.

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