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help my nearly 1 yr old hates milk Lock Rss

Hello mums
my daughter nearly 1 is still breastfeeding.
I tried giving her cows milk, but she hates it probably because its not as sweet as breast milk.
Any suggestions?
Should I try powder milk?


mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi mary
maybe you could try her on the toddler formulas 12mth plus you can get them in a couple of flavours or alternatively you could use powder milk and add a little milo for she would still be getting all the nutriants, hope this helps a bit JoJo
Hi Mary,

My 11 month old daughter has taken to cows milk really well. Here are a few things that I did to encourage her to try it. I added it to her rice cereal. I put a small amount in a cup and warmed it to room temperature. I told her she was a big girl and was having a "big girls" drink. I mixed a little formula with the cows milk to give her the taste. I personally wouldn't recommend adding milo or milk flavourings to sweeten the milk. There are toddler formulas on the market with the right levels of iron and minerals that you add to the cows milk. Remember sugar can damage young teeth. You could try a 50% mix of breast milk and 50% cows milk and gradually reduce the breast milk until she is drinking straight cows milk. Make it fun and don't force her to drink it, otherwhise you will just give her a negative feel about it.

I hope this helps a little. Goodluck, Maddys mum.
thanks jo and maddy
I'll try the 12 month formula and the rice cereal with milk see which one she likes.

thanks mary

mary.NSW 11 month baby

I also suggest the formula, the s26 vanilla. My nephew was also 12 months and hatted milk. My sister gave him the formula with water and he drank it. She gradually put milk in with the formula instead, and then just milk. He now is 16 months and will drink milk by it's self.
Good luck, Steph

Jasmine, 8 months

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