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Has anyone tried any of the baby einstein series? My 5 month old is interested in the TV but I'd rather him watch something more educational than the soaps!! Plus a few free moments to do some chores would be a god send.
Hi Fuzzy
My DD has had the baby einstien Neighbourhood Animals since about 3 mths and LOVES it she will go and get it to put on they are wonderful shes very fuuny some parts scare her a bit (when things pop up) and she knows they are coming and runs over to get on a lap or be picked up. She got numbers nursery for Xmas and its good but a bit old for her yet . I would highly recomend them. 1/2 an hour of peace yeah!

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

I have almost all baby einstein collection...put them on few times, but my baby doesn't seem to be interested on it. He is 6 1/2 months now! My nephew who is 3 years old seems to enjoy it more.


I also have nearly all of the collection, but most are still to old for my boys (who are 1year) but they love baby einstien! They will sit and watch the whole thing - which is great for me!
is Baby einstein american?

renee, Qld,mum to Caitlyn 25/2/04 grin

My bub (9 months) has loved the Baby Einstein DVD's, will watch the whole one, has done since he was a couple of months old smile 1/2 an hours peace!!! He loves Baby Bach and Baby Mozart as well - not so much into the animal ones yet.
I got the whole 10 DVD's on ebay for $70 odd - check it out - much cheaper than in the shops. They are new, and he has watched them every day for 9 months!!! I'd recommend them!

Suz, NSW

Hi rencait
I think so but they do have an aussie web address as well

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

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