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Bottles Rss

Hi everyone.
When is a good time to stop warming up your babies bottles?? And when do you cut back on giving them bottles?
I've stopped warming bottles around 15 months old and when they are on cows milk, in the winter I would still warm it a little, unless they complained

Once they are on three meals aday, you might like to reduce the amount of bottles to two a day, so they will eat more food.

If your baby is a good eater, then less formula wont matter as they are getting it from their food, however, if they are poor eaters, they will still need the extra nutrients from the milk, if they drink too much cows milk, then in turn they will want to eat less too.

Not really a help was I
I'm still warming milk (in cups not bottles) to room temperature for my 3 year old - as I find that is the only way she will drink it - she has about 300ml a day if it is warmed, but is lucky to have 50ml if it is cold. She was about 15-16 months when she moved from bottles to cups - It was a gradual transition - finally getting rid of bottles when she was having a total of 400 - 600 ml of milk from 3 cups a day. She likes her juice and water at room temperature also.

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