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Just curious on how many teeth all of your kids have? Our 10 1/2 month old just cut her 8th tooth (bottom LH side) he first tooth came thru at 5 months and compared to all of her little friends she has alot more teeth than most at her age. My girlfriends daughter got her fangs before her top middle, looks quite strange. I know they all develop at their own pace, but would love to know the differances between kids.

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Hi rencait,
Lochie has just turned 13 mths and he has just cut two of his top back teeth plus he has four front at the top and three front down the bottom (9 all together!). Seeing as he didn't get his first until 9 mths, he is sure making up for lost time! My friend's son (6 days younger) had 8 teeth by seven months but hasn't got any more since. My sister also got her top eye teeth before any others so I know what you mean when you say it looks strange. We still look at the photo's and have a giggle 25 years later!

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Ashleigh cut her first tooth at 8 months. She is now only 9 months and only has two teeth!! There is no sign of anymore as yet!!The two she has arent even all the way up! So we have two ends of the scale, at least most of your bubies hard work is done!!Did your daughter teethe ok? Much discomfort???Ashleigh just got a sniffly nose and a bit of a cough, not to bad though.

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Tahlia cut her first tooth and 10 months, and has cut another two in the last two weeks. The fourth one is nearly through. She cut bottom right, top right, bottom left and now top left is nearly through.
hi! my son has 8 teeth (he is almost 14 months old) ... he hasn't got any new teeth since anout 10 months!! we are just playing the waiting game now!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

yeah teething isn't to bad i guess in our household, probably just sloppy nappies,a little nappy rash, and of couse the pain of them actully cutting through the gum. and LOTS of dribble, everytime she teeths she ends up getting a rash on her neck. I think she must have sensitive skin or gets a mild case of exiema

renee, Qld,mum to Caitlyn 25/2/04 grin

my son is nearly eight months old and he has six teeth !!!! he had his first one when he was six month old !!!
very crancky and lots of dribbles but otherwise he is ok !!!!
my first son was four months old when he had his first tooth!!! i think by the time he was one he had about ten !! i had no troble with him he was a very good teether!!!
My boy cut his first tooth at 2 1/2 months old and his second tooth cut two days after, would have thought with two teeth coming through bout the same time we would have had a few sleepless nights but we've been really lucky, no probs with his teething so far, and hes been sleeping through the night since he was 2-3 weeks old!

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my daughter has none!

shes almost 10 months!

anyway, if you wanna email me, feel free

[email protected]

(I am online 12 hours a day most days!)

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