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What age is the best to start swimming lessons??? Lock Rss

Hi Ive been thinking of starting swimming lessons for my 4 month baby girl but I was just wondering what age mums start swimming lessons for their babies?? And how do babies react?? What do they learn??
Those sorts of things???????

Ive been told they start as early as 6 weeks???

Krystal, nsw, Charlotte 17.4.06

I started my daughter at 6 months - but I only started that late because I had to wait for it too heat up as we don't have an indoor heated pool in our area! lol

I think it's great to start as early as possible. My daughter is a real water baby and I am really excited abotu starting swimming lessons again soon. My daughter learnt how to go under fully submerged - but the great thing is that it's done at their own individual pace - so don't ever feel pressured. My daughter took to it relaly easily and quickly.

The do all different activities. They get used to jumping off the edge and how to look for the side of the pool. After a month of lessons she could hold onto the side of the pool. So this way even if they do fall in - obviously they are going to be able to swim there way out of trouble - they may give us an extra 10 seconds to get there - which can be the difference between life and death.

They are great not onyl for their development but great one on one time with you and bubs!


Arianna, Reagan & Oakley


Check out the website they have information on learn-to-swim and links to Swim Australia registered swim schools.

I think most swim schools take the children from 3 months - just started my little 4 month old this week.


Just booked my 5 month old in and we start in 2 days. She will be the youngest in the class. Will let you know how it goes.

Rebecca, NSW

hi in my expirence they normally do not allow babies to start until they are about 6 months so thay they have good head controll and will not drop there head down and put there face in the weater and cant breath as they have not learnt this skill yet. I started jckson at 6 months and i will be starting ryan soon as it warms up as well as i think this is improtant skill for them to learn as it may save a life one day!
Also it depends on if your baby likes having a bath is a good predictor of weather they will like to swim or not but when you do start try to make sure that the pool is suitably heated otherwise your baby amy get sick. And they may also cry a lot as the cold water is a shock to them as they will be being undress out of colthes that they are warm in and lifted into a pool of cold water and we all no how bad that feels when the cold hits us. I hope i have helped a bit love from felecia

boys 5 and 3 years i love my little men


Well my DD had her first swimming lesson today. She did fine only grizzled once. Normally she hates bathtime but seemed to like swimming lessons. She even went under water and did not swollow any water. Babies can start lessons at 3 months. And its a good place to meet other mothers.

What are you waiting for?

Rebecca, NSW

Hi, Im actually an infants swimming teacher in WA and we are unable to start teaching babies until they have had their 6 month needles. This is just a safety guard against any infections and bacteria that they may pick up in the pools... But in saying that, I took my baby Molly swimming when she was about 4mths old but I was careful about getting water in her ears and didnt submerge her until after she had the needles.
Im not sure what the regulations are in other states, but maybe they are just teaching them water familarisation before submerging...

Sonya, baby Molly 22/11/05

I took my baby to Pengu Swim School when she was 5 months old because she enjoyed playing in the water.
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