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Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone elses bub's army crawl? My bub is 8 months old, and isn't officially crawling, but is pulling herself along with her arms, and kicking off with her back feet. She can get up in the crawl stance where she just rocks back and forwards, but to get about she army crawls. It is really funny. Anyone elses bubs done this or have crawled funny to begin with??

Kelly, Vic, DD 07/04/04 & DD 29/04/08

my middle son did the same he was only about 5-6 months old but soon did it the"normal" way

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I have 19 month old twins and the second one Taylah only ever army crawled around, while her sister Hayleigh crawled properly. Funny thing is Taylah never crawled "properly" but was the first one of the two to walk confidentaly!
So I don't think its worth worrying about just enjoy how funny they look doing it!

Cassie, SA, 19mth twin girls

My nephew does it more then he actually crawls and his sister (now two) only ever bum shuffled. They (the mysterious experts) say that crawling is really important as it teaches the brain how to move different parts of the body in sync and that babies that don't crawl properly may not be as intelligent but DON'T believe that! Me and my little sisters were funny crawlers and we're definitely brighter than our other sister who crawled perfectly (no offense to sis). I think all kids do what suits them and some that don't crawl properly just don't get the chance to figure it out because they move on to walking so soon.

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

Hi there

I've read that crawling is important for development for lots of reasons but it's not one of the "markers" that you need to look out for and measure against. That is that it's not like rolling over or sitting up or standing or getting teeth because not everybody does it. Some kids never crawl they just go straight to standing and walking, others crawl for ages because they know that it gets them around.

My son started off crawling the "normal" way but now lifts his knees off the ground so he looks like spiderman!!!!! I don't think the type of crawling makes any real difference - "bum shuffling" and "commando style" are just so cute to watch.

Jodie, Sydney, CJ born 5/12/03

My little girl also army crawls. She is now 11months old and has been doing it for a few months now. Now that it is summer I just leave her in a nappy at home and she will get up and crawl more now but still prefers to army crawl as she knows she is faster at it. They are funny little things.

hi there all, its so good to see that there are other babies out there moving in the same way, Caitlyn, now 10 months has only just started crawling proplerly, after army crawling for the last 2 months, she's now realised its easier to go from sitting to crawling Properly, to kneeling and standing. Its so amazing watching them get to the next stage in their development, and how they'll do a few things all at the same time. Loving every minute of being a first time mum!

renee, Qld,mum to Caitlyn 25/2/04 grin

Its sooooo funny to see them commando crawling isnt it? My daughter has done for the past month or so, and just lastnight crawled properly for the first time!

All my boys crawled properly from day one, so I just assumed my daughter would be the same!

Shes 10months old on the 27th of this month!

anyway, if you wanna email me, feel free

[email protected]

(I am online 12 hours a day most days!)

Mum to 5 boys
and 1 girl!
My family is complete, now we have our girl!
My 7 and 1/2 old bubs does the army crawl. It's so cute. I don't think it matters how they crawl coz all they care about is getting what they're after not how they get there.
i never crawled on my knees. I always army crawled till I was walking at about 1 or so. I got the nickname "grub" casue I went along like a caterpiller....
I even have a memory of it hehe

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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