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Hi to all. I have just joined this club and am having a great time reading about all of your experiences. I thought I would write in and ask a question of my own. My 5 1/2 month old beautiful baby girl does not recognise her name. I speak to her frequently throughout the day and tell her her name is Chloe, but she doesn't show any recognition or even look towards me when I call her name. I'm curious as to when your children started to recognise their name?

Marni, QLD

hi well i have a 5 1/2 mth old daughter to her name is caprice and she knows her name if i call out her name she turns to me and looks at me straight away.
Hi new mum. My daughter is 6 months and has just recently started responding to her name (selectively - it depends if she's absorbed in something else at the time). However, my husband was calling our dog's name the other day and our daughter turned to him! I think she may be responding to the tone of our voice rather than the actual sound of the name. However, it is still responding to language as tone is an important part of commuinication, as is expression.
Hi Marni, I'm Candice and my reply is it seems to be the hardest thing to know when your baby is "supposed" to be doing something. Well I have an 8 month old who doesn't crawl yet and everyone who I have told have been so shocked!! Hayley is a wonderfully happy, delightful baby, but, she doesn't crawl. On the other hand she does walk a little bit so I guess she is trying to skip the crawling part. I have a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son and the one thing I have learnt after having 3 children is to relax and let them do everything at there own pace. But in saying that please dont hesitate to see a doctor if you have any concerns. Good luck, I hope everything works out for you and Chloe.

Candice,QLD, Four children

hi new mum. dont worry she will soon respond to her name. it took 7 months before my daughterv respnded to her name (jessica) and she is now 10 months old. just keep repeating it over and over but make sure there are no distractions otherwise she will not listen to you no matter how much you try. at this age she is more interested in learning other things than something as boring to her as her name!! babies are smart cookies and they know what they want!! i hope this puts your mind at ease and if you need anymore advice on anything feel free to email me at [email protected]
regards narelle

Narelle, VIC, Mum to Monica & Jessica,EDD 24th May

hi new mum, Have you had your daughters hearing tested, Babies automatically have their hearing tested within 3 days now is SA. I don't know about other statesIts very simple and only takes a couple of minutes.


Hi there! I agree with you about the hearing test. My daughter responded excellently to the hearing test and I think by about 5/6 months she definitely knew her name! A friend of mine didn't discover her daughter was partially deaf until she was 2 years old so if there is something wrong it's best you discover it early!
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