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being away from your child Rss

hi, i'm a first time mother of 4mnth baby boy still breast feeding and just started him on rice cereal today. there is one thing that i can't do yet is be away from him. i haven't left him at my inlaws or mymother, i feel guilty i don'tknow how i can overcome this,i knoe it's probably not a big deal, but i do want him to get used to other family members how do i do that.
Hi, I think that all mothers go through this..especially those who haven't needed to be away from their children due to work commitments or other necessary day to day activities....I myself have a 9 month old and I still feel a little bit guilty about leaving him (although I am a SAHM, so I am not without him for long)...especially when he wakes up from a sleep and I am not there...but in saying that I think that seperation from our bubs is healthy for you to unwind and have some non-baby stimulation and for bubs to become accustomed to others faces/homes and routines while you are away....
It is hard but once you initially take the step and leave your son for whatever length of time you will appreciate the break and enjoy him even more when you get home as you have had time to de-stress from being a mum.
Plus....I'm sure everyone else wants to get to know your son too.... this way they can!
Good luck.

Mum to Jai and Chase!


I am a first time Mum too and I am also breastfeeding and I feel the same way. I hate being away from my little girl, but I do do it. I have left her with her Granma when she visits, and just today I left her with a friend for a couple of hours to babysit for me while I went fishing with my partner for the first time. It was nice to have some adult time, but as soon as I knew it was time to pick her up I got really excited and I was dying to she her, I was wishing we could drive faster. I can't explain this feeling inside of me, but it is like I am the only one who can protect her from all the bad things and that I can't really trust anyone except her Daddy of course. It is a weird feeling and I know I can over come it one day. Don't be made to feel guilty. You are his mother, but maybe start slowly with a few minutes at a time and work your way up to an hour, then two, and then between feeds. Your child does need other interactions and if he doesn't start soon he will not be able to function socially later on in life. I hope this helps. That is what I keep reminding myself with. I want my child to fit in and not be an outcast like her parents were so I force myself to leave her with others.

I know exacctly how you ladies feel!!! I had to for financial reasons go back to work when my little girl was 8 weeks old, i work evenings, therefore get the best part of the day with her. In order for this to happen, i had too get use to having 'time away' from her.

So a few weeks before doing this, I decided to put a plan to action, and with the help of her doting grandparents, whom my partner and I trust inexplicably, and whom we want involved in Mckenzies life, decided they were the right people to use for our 'practice run'. hahahaah

We used this time to go out for half an hour to start off with , and enjoy a coffee at the cafe down the road. and yes I did feel guilty, and yes I did wish she was with us, but when we returned found she was none the worse for wear, and she wasnt, it made things a little easier, so each time we did so, we extended our time away. With doting caring grandparents who adore Mckenzie to bits, made me relax, and realise we werent compromising Mckenzies life! INfact I feel we were improving it, as now each time I am away from her, the more I appreciate having her, as it makes coming home and seeing her face that just lights up know she loves me, and will always do so!!

I recommend you ladies, perhaps just small steps but you will love your time out, appreciate your bundles a whole heap more, and just realise how lucky we all are to have them in our lives!! Remember they came into our lives, we didnt go into theirs!!!

Cheers, and ladies all the best!!! Love Kel and Mckenzie xoxoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

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