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Hi everyone,
My little guy is 6 months old today and is yet to roll (reading other posts I know I'm not alone) but I wanted tips on how to get him to roll. He getting at least half an hour tummy time a day, he sits unsupported and can stand with me holding his hands so I know he is developing. When he is on his tummy he bends one leg and when in the push up position puts his weight onto one arm - is he about to roll? Does he need to be taught or will he do it naturally? Is it better to get him to roll on his tummy or his back? I would love any advice!


Michelle from WA - researching for Tyson 6 months.

Hi Michelle

My son is almost five months old and we have also done alot of tummy time and floor exercises with him, one of the exercises we were shown at a day stay clinic was to assist them in rolling by placing the arm of the side that you want to roll them over on a little extended and straightened and then rolling them from the tummy position to a back position, doing this a couple of times, and then back to the tummy position (also extending the arm) if they are happy to, my little one has been doing this exercise from about 3 months old and now can roll from tummy to back unassisted, which also catches him by surprise sometimes. Hope this might help.

Sonia, NSW, 4mth baby

don't rush him, their not babies very long. My first 2 children did everything early, they seemed to grow up to fast. With my 3rd and last baby 5months I'm not worried that he is not rolling yet. I want him to stay a baby longer. I know this didn't anwser your question Sorry


Hi Michelle

A tip to get bub to roll which I read in a book is to place him on his back with a brightly coloured toy on both his left and right side. Get down on the floor with him and move the toy on his left or right side and encourage him to reach out and roll for it. When he does succeed for the first time, make a huge fuss of him and try on the other side. This worked for me & my daughter. Hope this helps.

Marni, QLD

Thanks everyone for their advice. The last week I have noticed him rolling from his tummy to his back but he only does it in his cot - never on his playmat. It's usually when he doesn't want to go to sleep and he rolls onto his back and looks up at me with a big smile (he is soooo cheeky!!). I have seen him do it at least 6 times so I am not that worried anymore - maybe its called selective rolling!

Michelle from WA - researching for Tyson 6 months.

I like that - "selective rolling"

Hannah did the same thing (rolling in the cot) so one day I just left her on the floor, put her toys just out of reach and left the room so she knew she couldn't get assistance from me! (Its all right - I made sure the environment was safe before I just left her!)

I walked back into the room to find her rolling around. For Hannah - she just needed that extra little bit of incentive to do it!

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Hi I'm new here
I have a 9 month old boy Ethan - who had to go to physio due to a condition called plagiocephaly from three months. The physio gave me heaps of hints to encourage development and especially rolling as it helped his neck and back to strengthen. Tummy time without assistance was a big one, putting toys out of reach and holding toys and moving them as he reached out for them. Lying him on his back and bringing his leg across to the opposite side helped him understand how to. I would use my hands to guide the movements both from tummy to back and viceversa...this really helped. Lots of touch on the the parts of the body that needed to move next was also a big one. ... Plagiocephaly by the way when the head is out of shape both from the womb environment but also lying on their back and favouring one side...

Son Ethan born Jan 2003

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