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eating very little, drinking next to nothing. Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Kate and I have an 8 month baby boy who hardly eats or drinks a thing! The community nurse says this is unusual but as long as he is happy and sleeping o.k then theres not much we can do. He will only have a breastfeed at night and during the day it is a struggle to get him to have a total of 200mls per day from the cup. He only has very small portions at meal time if at all. He is still content. Has anyone got a baby like this?? I'm finding it quite worrying...

K,8 month boy,nsw

Hi Kate, Has your boy always had such a poor appetite and is he gaining weight? I took Tyson (who is 6 months) to the doctor on the weekend as he had lost his appetite, he usually drinks 180ml every 3 hours but he was struggling to drink 100ml for the whole day. I was so upset and worried (as he had no energy and had a fever) but the doc said he was healthy and because he is teething it hurts for him to suck. I think if there was a serious problem your health nurse would recommend taking him to a specialist otherwise I can only sympathize with you.

Best of luck,

Michelle from WA - researching for Tyson 6 months.

Hi Kate, I have a 9 month old boy, he has lost his his love for food, but only around teething time he is now getting his second tooth and refuses food again. He normally has 3 meals a day but now it is a fight to get him to eat 1. his bottles have also suffered he will not finish his normal amounts, this stopped once the tooth arrived and has just started again and I have noticed he is getting his second tooth. Hope this helps you some.

Kylie & Jordan QLD

Hi Kate,You didn't say whether your son has always been like this, between grow spurts babies do slow down on their feeding and if he is quite content try not to worry to much ,I know it is easier said than done.


Thanks so much for the feedback. Two teeth finally arrived one after the other. He is eating much better now, although he still has small portions and continues to drink little in the day. He still doesn't move much so I'm guessing he doesn't have much to burn off! Because he is happy and the teeth did seem to play a part in this food and drink fiasco I'm feeling happier too.

K,8 month boy,nsw

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