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How long on the Jolly Jumper?? Lock Rss

My son 7 months loves the jolly jumper and would stay in it all day if we let him....We were wondering if there was some sort of time limit on how long babies should be in it for?


My almost 6 month old has just started in her jolly jumper and absolutly loves it. I only leave her in it for a short period because I don't want her to get too tired and then become cranky.

I have read that babies will usually tire pretty quickly when using jumpers (as opposed to walkers) so they do not use them for too long at a time but you little boy seems to last a while before he tires!

As they are more for entertainment rather than assisting development I would rather have my daughter on the floor and enjoying tummy time with just a small amout of time in the jumper for 'fun'. However, this is a personal opinion and I don't think they harm your baby so if your son is happy then it's really up to you.
Hi Westiegirl,

I agree that they probably aren't for development, but I don't have one either. Probably just as well with a reflux baby. This is only my opinion but I don't like walkers or jumpers as I believe they hinder development and can increase the likelihood of developing leg problems such as bandy legs and walking difficulties. The babies can't support their own weight and it is now fact that for every 24hours a baby spends in a walker it is another 4 days before they take their first steps. A baby will support themself and walk when ready. I also wouldn't be too keen to use it as a babyminder either. We get a lot of joy out of watching our son do other things and we use it for development as well. Things like sitting in the highchair, on the floor, tummy time, etc.

Sorry to be such a downer on this, but it does give you another side of it. You'll work out what is best for your baby and what you can both use and enjoy.

I was told that they do help in the development of leg muscles but they are not disadvantaged in any way if they don't use one.
I was also told to use it in combination with tummy time and floor time they all play their part in developement.



I wanted to buy it for my six month old twin boys but i read on the box that they can only use for 10 minutes? so i thought why waste my money.

But after reading your veiws i thinking about buying one after all.

twin boys 6 months old

I spoke to the jolly jumper people at the parent and babies expo and they said 20 minutes at a time. You could place them back in it later if you wanted, giving them many bounces a day!!

Jasmine, 8 months


I was told it is great for their muscle development!! My son loved it and was in it quite a bit! I couldn't have done him any harm in walking as he was up and walking on his own by 9 months! By 12 months he was running everywhere! I plan to start using it with my daughter who is now 4 months soon...she has excellent control with her neck and head and is not far from sitting up by herself!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi everyone,
I used to use it when my son was 3 months.
He loved it but I wasnt happy because it looked tight. Does anyone else know what I mean?

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Hi all,
All 3 of my kids loved the jolly jumper, and would stay in it all day if I let them. My first born in particular. He would spend up to 1 hour in it at a time, and up to 4-5 times per day. (He wanted more, but we had to put a limit on it). He was walking on his own at 12.5 months. He has had no problems with hips, legs, joints etc. I found it helped him, because he would stand on his feet, and hold all his own weight. He even started to try to walk in it, and when we took him out, he stood up on his own. (This was at 10.5 months). We packed it away when he was 11 months, to encourage him to walk on his own. My daughter, loved it, but not as much as my first son, and my baby boy only enjoys it now for about 15 minutes at a time, a few times a week. He is now 9 months old, and walks around the furniture. The jumper restricts him to one place, and he doesn't like that. Hope my story helps in making your decision.

Mother of 3, Qld

My son is 6 months old. I bought his JJ for him when he was three months old. I'd leave him in it for half an hour at the most and give him a few gos throughout the day. I believe it does them know harm as long as you follow the instructions - ie keep them so their toes just touch the ground.

My son is crawling now and already pulling to stand so he is over his JJ and doesn't like it anymore. This is of his own accord so as far as age and weight on the legs it must vary from baby to baby.

I figured there are thousands of kids out there who've been in JJ's and had no harm. My mum used them with me and all my siblings and we're all fine. It's a personal thing - just listen to your bub.

To the mum worried about it being too tight - try putting a cloth nappy on bubs to jump. This seems to pad it out without putting pressure on and getting those red marks you sometimes get.
Hi, my 5month old son loves his JJ and would also stay in it all day if I let him. I hear absolutely no grizzling while hes in it. I disagree that theyre not for developmental purposes, my plunket nurse told me theyre good for their brain! as well as developing leg and back muscles also helping to strengthen the neck muscles in preperation for sitting up on there own. Also written on the back of mine is 'scientific baby excersicer' thats gotta be good. It is recomended tho that they are in it so that there feet are flat to the ground when they jump, if just the toes are touching then they can develop a condition which stretches there calf muscles and they end up walking like there tippy toeing so be carefull!! but overall I woudnt be without mine, the longest Id leave him in it is about an hour while I get round and do the housework(as ya do)
hey Michelle, I know exactly what you mean. I recently bought my 6 mth old a JJ as I was sick of having to constantly entertain her but I am thinking of returning it as it pulls so tight on her ribs that she is left with an indentation on her chest. She really loves it but lately she is also coughing as if her breathing is restricted when she is in it so I won't use it anymore. I explained it to a friend who also owns one and hers has different straps but was also sold as the original JJ so now I want to know why I couldn't get the other one. Apparently it has velcro and clips rather than laces that tie up.
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