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Hi ya all! Little Bailee has almost figured out how to crawl. She lifts herself up on all 4's and this morning she took a couple of steps to reach her ball. only thing when she went to do it again her legs kept sliping out from under her im not sure if it was the suit she was wearing or her legs arnt strong enough or it was just over excitment. does anyone elses bub do this or did this and how long did it take them to find thier legs. any advice id love to hear. -Kara

mummy to 8 month old Bailee Koral

Krysta was doing that, she army crawls most of the time but is getting better at crawling. I put toys our of her reach all the time and she crawls over to get them, just keep doing that and she will get better smile I know Krysta was very excited when she started crawling, she was so proud! Altho so was I grin

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My little girl whos almost 6 months has started doing that. She gets on all fours and when she pushes forward she flops back on her tummy.

I think its either co-ordination,she needs to get her arms and legs moving at the same time or she isn't quiet strong enough. But im sure it won't be long now. smile

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how did you come up with the spelling for bailee's name? my name is baylee also, but i'm going to change the spelling to bayleigh as i think it looks much nicer than baylee. i haven't heard of many girls with the name baylee, but i like it!
(sorry bout my little babble there, i know it is completely off topic!)

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Hi well great news well sort of.... Bailee is crawling, on all fours i dont know what i was worried about boy is there more to worry about now. She get into EVERYTHING pulls the blinds, gets into the kitchen and tips the bin over, into the stereo cabnet. boy is it full on...

ava i got the name from a book it was the only name my partner and i agreed on as we both thaught it was origanal and a cool name to have. not many girls have it smile

cheers for the advice.

mummy to 8 month old Bailee Koral

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