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hi. jamie was born 10 july 2004. how long should it be before he gets teeth and starts crawling?

trudie, chch, 4mth baby boy

Hi, both those things that you have mentioned vary from baby to baby...for instance my son is 9 months and his teeth haven't even cut through yet alhtough the gums have been swollen for a few months.
With crawling my son did that at around 8 months and is now zooming around...and my friends bub crawled at 6 months..

Just enjoy your bub and before long he will start to do these things...though enjoy the non-crawling phase as it is on-the-go for everyone after that happens and with the teething...the restless nights can be a at the moment enjoy.

Cheers Em.

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Riley's mum

I'm also the mum of a Rhylee who is 71/2 months old however my little one has no teeth and rolls everywhere however his twin sister doesn't even do that she is just a lay back and watch the world go by type of girl. She does love being on her tummy.

Are you from the Sydney area as I met another lady who has a Riley and he is about 7 months also.


Mummy to 3 great children

Hi Nicky,

No, I am not from Sydney, I am from Nth Eastern VIC. You must have your hands full with two bubs!!!

My hubby was hoping for us to have twins... although it would have been nice, I think that one at a time is enough!!! My husband is a twin and in my family twins are due in this generation!

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

Dear Linda

I think come 5 years time there will be a large number of Rhylee's or Rileys starting first year of school.

I feel blessed to be living the twin experience maybe it will happen for you next time. I wouldn't change a thing except maybe Rhylee's daily crying episode of 2-3hours I'm sure he will grow out of it. If you had had twins what would of you called the other one just out of curiosity?


Mummy to 3 great children

hi trudie,
my lil man is almost 7 months old and has two teeth , he isnt crawling yet and doesnt like to be put on his beely, i know exactly how u feel living away from your family, my mum and dad are five hours away from me k well hope it helps
hugs and kisses lani and jake

lani, bathurst, mum to jacob 2 years

Hi Nicky

Riley used to have a crying session at about 4pm and continue into the evening. Thank goodness he stopped that one! We discovered that 'shhh' ing worked a dream. The only problem with that was that he got really load sometimes and it was really hard to keep the 'shhh'ing loader than him!

The other name we had picked was Abbey. We found that a girls name was much easier to pick than a boys name.

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

Hi Trudie,
My baby girl Brooke will be 6mths on the 20th and she doesn't have any teeth yet and isn't crawling either. She can go around in circles on her belly using her hands to push but the legs don't come to the party! I'm anxious for her to crawl and get teeth so I'm hoping it will be in the next couple of months. So to answer your question, it depends on the baby - a bit like labour! smile
PS -make sure you have bonjela and panadol on hand just in case
All the best

Jade, single mum to Brooke Louise, 20/05/04

Hi Trudie
My name is Kelly, I'm 27, married and have a 4 month old wee girl, Alannah. Where abouts in CHCH are you? Are you interested in getting together for a coffee and chat?
I have a younger sister who has a bub 6 weeks younger than Alannah, we go out to the malls for coffee all the time, you're both welcome to join us at any time.
My email address is
Hope you have a good day, looks like it's gonna be a sunny one smile
Kelly & Alannah

Kelly wink Mikki

hi !! i have a six months old and he doesn't have teeth yet and not even close to crawling !!! hates to be on his tummy!!! his been teething for about two months now and still no teeth!!
my first son had his teeth when he was four months old but he was a late crawler !! started when he was 11 months which was a bit late i think because he didn't want to walk after that! he loved crawling so he started walking when he was about 15 months old which made me worried i tought he will never want to walk!!! but since then he never stopped and is a very active 11 year old !!! so yes every baby is different and if they happy and healthy there is nothing to worry about !!!!
all the best !!!!
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