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My 12mth old DD has just started screaming the house down as soon as she doesnt get her own way the kind of screams you hear in horror movies not just a loud winge. I dont know what to do, Do I put her in her cot and shut the door? Do I give her what she wants? Its not good in the middle of the night or in the shopping centre! She gets herself that worked up that the only thing that then settles her is "boobie" And she has to learn that that cant fix everything or she is going to be 6 and boobie will still have to fix it! Any advice would be great

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

First I dont think she will still be boobie at 6! Secondly if you ignore her and just keep going then she will soon learn to stop - when one of my boys was 9mths old he used to do this, like if I took something off him or if he stole his brothers toy and I gave it back to his brother - he too would get himself all worked up and I would have to put him on the boob to get him calm. I had had enough so I stopped giving in to his tantrums, I would cuddle him, talk to him, ignore him but I wouldnt feed him and sure enough a few days later he stopped doing it. Hope this helps
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