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Hi there Mums

What do 3 month olds do at Play time ?? Or is it still early ?

My 3 month old son is more awake now during the day & seems to be more alert. Im just wondering with play time what sort of things should we be doing ? He is not interested in the activity gym. All I have been getting him to do is looking at this Lamaze toy he got when he was born ! He must be getting so bored of it ahaha !

Any advice ?


8 month old

Hi Mel

My Ryan is 3 months old too.... I think it is really important to stimulate babies with educational toys etc. to help with their development. Also let them work the toys out and don't do everything for them.

Some things I do include laying Ryan on his activity gym and then giving him a different toy all the time to play with so he doesn't get bored kid with toys. I also give Ryan time in his Jolly Jumper (great for strength etc.) and have found he has become Mr Big Boy and actually prefers playing sitting up. Someone has to support him of course but it means he can use both hands to play with things.

Ryan's favourties include:-
- one of those lamaze toys too
- soft round ball which he hits
- plastic clown that if you hit it it bobs back up
- fisher price tip truck
- any soft little toys which he can take hold off and make noises when rattled

Hope these ideas help

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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