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Teething Lock Rss

My son is 11 months old, and does not have any teeth yet. My question to the message board is
"Is it unusual for the top teeth to come through first rather than the bottom ones".

It looks as though one of his top ones is almost through
Don`t worry debra,
Our son`s top teeth came through first at about 8months but now at 14 1/2 months he has two top and four bottom teeth.
They will come soon then when he starts to bite you may wish that he still did not have any!!
Good Luck!

carol nsw

May I just ask, how does this affect their eating? Can they still eat apples and biscuits etc?
My son is only 6 months and has no teeth but It was something I was wondering about.

Thank you!!...

Sarah,QLD,6mth baby

Ive heard it quite common so dont worry about it too much. My first born got his top teeth first. Some say it does effect their eating but i think most kids eat differently and all have their own way of doing this. I might find it strange but you may not . Hang in there, soon he will have a mouthful and you wont know what hit you as there all coming through.

Mel,4yo b, 9mth, twins, bg

My 14 month old daughter got her top two teeth first then got her bottom teeth so its really quite normal.
My daughter has her two bottom teeth, with another molar at the back left coming through. I wonder when her front teeth will come in? The health nurse mentioned that her molars have come really early but I am not quite sure? Any tips on teething? I am using bonjela and cold teething rings but to no avail!! Keeping me up in the early hours of the morning grabbing at her gums.....

Janine, Vic, 6 mth old girl

My son is 8 1/2 months and still no teeth but we go through all the symptons every week or so. Last week I had him checked by a doctor as he was in so much pain and bonjella just wasn't helping. He recomended Baby Nurofene as it helps with inflamation. We used it for 2 nights and what a lovely sleep we all had. Didn't hear from him at all till morning time. Maybe worth ago for your little one to help ease the pain. Good luck
I mentioned in an earlier email having my 8 1/2 mth son checked by doctor when last 'teething'. He still has no teeth but it looks like the top ones are coming first. I too thought this odd but apparantly not at all. Perfectly normal so don't worry and hope it all goes well
Hiya, my son cut his bottom two teeth first , then decided to cut the ones next to the front two (can't think what they are called), he looked like a vampire!! then the next day his front two appreared. now I wish he had no teeth as there are bite marks on everything, me, the cot, toys, books, everything!!

Kimberly, QLD

hi jj, i have a 9 month old who is teething at the moment and not sleeping and a friend got me some teething elixir from her chemist she say's that is the only place she has found it. i have tried it a couple of times and it has worked. they say to use it 3-5 days in a row to get them back in their habbit of sleeping. i dont know much about it,hopefully someone else might, good luck, robyn.
I thought our son's teeth would never come through! He would be a gummy bear forever. His first teeth were the bottom two at 13mths and now that he is 14mths he has three bottom and two top. Once they started they didn't stop. Don't worry about order. It is just pot luck. Hope they come through without too much anxiety.

Bouncing Baby Boy, NSW, 14mth boy

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