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Hi all mums,
My daughter is 11 months old and ever since she has stood up by herself she has been on tip toes. I think she was about 9 1/2 mths when she stood for the first time. Now she walks around furniture and stuff, (not solo yet) but on her tip toes. Just wondering has anyone else's bub done this. When do they put their feet down???? Is this common??? Health nurse didn't seem phased and didn't even comment on how or why. S'pose should have queried her more?? Help.
Hi Karen,
MY son is 14 months and still occasionally walks on his tippie toes. I've heard it is a very common thing and sometimes hangs around until the kids are 3. So it's nothing to worry about just a natural thing that will eventually be outgrown. Hope I've helped a little. Cheers,
Hi, I as a baby used to walk on tip toes, apparently I did this till I was about 3...I am fine now and nothing bad resulted from it...also my son is 9 months and is starting to pull up and walk a little..he also sometimes walks/stands tip toes...I definately wouldn't worry...Cheers Em.

Mum to Jai and Chase!

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