Hello mums, wondering if anyone has any advise on babies with low weight gain. My little one is just under 12 weeks old (11.4 days) and was weighed in today at 4491.00. Weight gains so far have been consistently low but today apparently he is dropping off the percentiles. I’ve taken him to see a ped 3 weeks ago and was told nothing was wrong but to “keep an eye on it”. Bub sleeps so well at night, only waking once for a feed, feeds 3 hourly during the day, always pulls off satisfied and happy. Never screams for more and when offered refuses. Meeting milestones like a champ, rolling, grabbing, smiling etc. but every time I see the nurse they make me feel like something sinister is lurking in my baby and he ain’t gaining weight for underlying health reasons. Anyone have similar experiences and can share any tips on whether to worry or just accept he’s a small bub?