Hi all

Just wanting some input on the following and see if anyone has gone through it as well.

I got my implanon removed on the 15th of October, had a light period for 5 days which started on the 18th once it stopped I went 3 days before spotting for 2. My husband and I were ttc as soon as the implanon was removed so when I started feeling nausea from the 12th of November our fingers were crossed. I used a hpt each week for the next 3 weeks each with a bfn. I had a blood test done the week after the last hpt and it came back as 3-4 and was sent for the next lot of blood tests which then came back 2-3 a week later.
I had my first US 2 weeks later on the 18th of December which measured at 6w1d but working out the given due date with when my morning sickness started states that I convinced a day after my morning sickness began.

So my question is, has anyone gotten pregnant a short time after implanon removal and has it put everything out of whack in the early weeks?