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Hi Everyone,
I am currently 13 weeks and was diagnosed with a Bicornuate Uterus at my 10 week scan.
Just wondering if there is anyone out there currently going through the same thing? I've come across many forums on the topic, but a lot of them are quite old. And most of the articles I've read vary wildly from 'everything will definitly go horribly wrong' to 'everything will probably be pretty much ok'
I was thinking perhaps we could share our progress, as well as hopefully hear stories from people who have been through it (hopefully lots with happy endings to keep our spirits up when we have googles too many things and freaked ourselves out)
My story so far: I had a great sonographer at my 10 week scan who noticed it right away, even thought it is considered very difficult to detect while pregnant. She had the doctor come in to confirm it, and they also checked my kidneys, as its very common for people with the condition to only have one, fortunately I have 2!
I had another scan at 12 weeks, where the condition was confirmed, and at the moment everything is progressing well as far as bubs development.
My doctor is great, she seems really on top of it, and I feel confident under her care. She has recommended that I have a scan every 2 weeks at least until 20 weeks to check my cervix measurement to make sure it isn't shortening. If it does, she has told me there are things that can be done to help. She did also made me aware that unfortunately the rate of miscarriage doesn't drop off as much at 12 weeks for people with BU as much as it does for people with a regular uterus, and that preterm labour and breach is more common. But all in all, she made me feel like I will be closely monitored and everything possible will be done to hopefully make this a positive outcome.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Hi Sarzipan, i have BU. I knew it from the ultrasoudn done when i was a teen.
I had 3 miscarriages, 1 abortion and one succesful pregnancy.
It's not necessarily the cause fo my miscarriages was BU. First time i have had MC -i got pregnant week off being on contraception pills. I have been 7 years on them I m not wonder it could be my organism was not ready to give the birth as well i did not have a normal period since stopping contraception pills. Than I waited 1 year and i got pregnant. I was spotting during 10 and 12 weeks. I delivered with Cserian as the baby was breached. Than 2 years later i got pregnant not planned and i was only 2 weeks off dangerous medication that is not capable with the pregnancy. I had to have abortion. Then 1 month later i got pregnant and miscarried on 7 weeks. Then i waited 1 year and got pregnant again. All was good however i have had car accident small one that caused me stress a bit and i took some supplement (NAC) that calms you down. Or supplements or accident or BU made me bleed next day and within 3 days i lost her.
Now i am devastated i am 36yo this year i scared to the death to go through a miscarriage again.
With my successful pregancny i was very very careful (i was writing all my symptoms ) with my last one i was working and had to move physically often. But some women do really hard physical activities to feel good during prego but fo rme it never been easy journey
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