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Midwife said my last baby was small so has put me on asprin Lock Rss


My midwife phoned me when I was about 8 weeks, now I'm 16 weeks. She said bailey my first child was small for gestation so with this baby she would like to have me take asprin to get a bigger baby.
Bailey was born at 41 weeks 3 days and was just over 7pounds, is this small? I didn't think so. I stopped taking the asprin as my mum had all 7 pound baby's and I am not very big, it feels unnatural to take asprin to make my baby bigger.

Has anyone any advice on this?
Hmm I dont have experience personally. However I've heard people get recommended to take aspirin if in earlier pregnancies they've had a small baby or pre-eclampsia. That said 7 pounds doesn't sound that small. I just looked up the ABS stats and they list 3370gm as the average size. 7 pounds is lower than that but not by a huge amount.

If you're worried why don't you see your GP for advice before your next midwife appointment?
Yeah when I have looked the average is 7.5, he was 10 days over but I wouldn't think this would take him into the category of small for gestational age.

I haven't been taking it as it also made me feel quite sick.
You don't have to or shouldn't take any drugs you don't want to. Exercise and eat well and your baby will the exact right size it should be. Asprin has side effects. I wouldn't take it unless it was for life saving purposes. As a rule I don't take pain killers either. I prefer to know what's going on with my body.

I guess the asprin is to thin the blood and get more blood flowing to the baby. If you need to do that then just do some cardio type exercise like cycling - much easier and better for you and baby.
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