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Ok, so I know all babies develop in their own time, however my daughter is 9 months next week and she is still yet to roll over (back to front or vice versa), she has done it a couple of times by accident, but otherwise doesnt do it. She is not crawling or pulling herself up. She does sit unsupported and when on her tummy gets her legs in the right position to crawl but just goes around in circles. She has only just started weight bearing (albeit on her tippy toes). This is my first baby and I am a little worried.
We have seen the doctor, chiropractor, had her hips xray and spoken with plunket and nobody seems concerned except for me.
Anyone else there going through something similar?
Hi my son was about the same at that age. Had rolled a few times but only by mistake, could sit quite well but couldn't crawl or stand. All of his social and fine motor skills appeared normal.

He went on to pull up to butt shuffle at 11 month (he never crawled), stand at 14 months, cruise furniture at 15 months and walk at 16 months. At 21 months he now run and is working out how to jump.

We ended up taking him to a paediatrician for some peace of mind as they're the experts at picking up subtle developmental concerns. We were told he had low muscle tone which was probably because we'd let him sit up before he was able to get there himself and he refused tummy time so he just sat around all day without getting any strength. In the case of my son I was told as long as he walked by 18 months not to worry (but that was obviously specific advice for him) which he did. I was also told rolling by mistake counts for the milestone (as they can do it they just haven't worked out the benefit of it yet so don't do it often).

If you're worried I'd see a paediatrician.
I think some babies are just abit lazy lol
She will most likely roll in her own time, or may miss that milestone altogether.
If she can sit up unsupported then I wouldn't worry. Next step is crawling properly.
Just keep an eye on her n ask your paedatrician if your really worried.
Also try to help her roll, roll her from back to stomach n then praise her, she may just need abit of encouragement.

My second ds was similar. He barely ever rolled from either direction but could sit unaided very well. Then at 10 months he started crawling and by just a few days after his first birthday he had taken a few steps and 2 weeks after was walking smile
I expected big things of him as my first ds walked at 9.5 months and crawled at 6.5 months!
They are all different. You have nothing to worry about smile
My daughter is almost 9 months and a week ago I took her to a physio as not rolling/crawling but sitting. He basicly said not all babies roll and he said she is getting stuck transitioning between positions. He gave me a few technics to use and in under a week can get from belly to sitting. The problem now is when placed on belly just sits up and plays. Still not crawling but I'm happy she is still progressing. All babies develop at different rates and some need more encouragement than others
How are your bubs all going now?
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