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Did your baby's eye's change colour? Lock Rss

Hi all,

My little boy was born with blue eyes which really surprised me because I have dark eyes and my partner has haze/amber eyes. (Although both our mum's have blue eyes). Anyway, in the beginning they were blue with a really light inner ring. Now that he is almost 6 months, they are even brighter blue than when he was first born, but I've noticed the inner ring has changed to a very light greenish/yellow colour. I have looked up on the internet about baby eye's changing colour and there is lots of information about when they change and why, but I want to know HOW. Like do they change from inside out or outside in, or does the whole eye colour gradually change?
Can anyone share their experiences with me?
I'm really curious.

Thanks ahead
Sorry I am not really sure of the ins and outs, so to speak, of eyes changing colours. However DS's eyes have changed from blue to Hazel/green like his dads, but not until about 20mths did they finally look the same as DF's.

Same here not really sure how and why they change, But its the same as ds his eyes were a very dark blue when he was first born but now 5months down the track they have lightened up like DP's and now have a very light brown star shape forming around the pupil blink haha
My oldest son eyes went from blue to brown. He got the same colour as me My second son they blue at the moment

Hi I was reading somewere that all babys are born with blue eyes and you cant tell a babys true eye color until they are 3 but who really knows lol I had bright blue eyes until I was 13 and now there green lol
DS were blue when he was born, and a medium brown now. On the birth registration form you have to put eye colour, so I put blue. A bit wrong now!

My baby was born with dark blue eyes and they gradually changed to a dirty blue to brown by about 20 months, just like mine. His father has bright blue eyes.

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My DS's eyes are starting to change. He was born with standard baby dark blue and gradually changed from the inside out to a greenish colour and are now starting to go brown from the inside out.
My DD did this the same way - hers are now a lighter brown colour with some green in them (Bit more brown than hazel though IMO!)

So, for my kids both changed from inside (around the pupil) and gradually outwards over a few weeks/months.

Hope that helps! It is kind of frustrating waiting to see isn't it!
well my brother he had blue eyes till he was about 6 yrs old, he is now 14 and now his eyes are crazy LOL, if i look at them closly they are greeny brown, then if he wears certain colours they sorta go blueish, its crazy! he must be a freak!!!!! all our family have dark brown eyes, basically from the get go of life!
Hey, my boy is 4 months now, i have also been curious because he was born with strange blue/grey/sometimes greeny eyes and only between 2-3 months i noticed they were changing they looked like brown slowly came in from the outside then started getting brown lines from outer to inner, i havent looked lately but i think they are now mostly brown
Just wondering if there's been any further change? I'm in the same boat with blue eyes with light yellow in the center... But that's how my eyes are as an adult.
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