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When Did Your Baby Crawl? Lock Rss

Dd crawled at about 7 months and now at 11 months shes trying to take steps alone. All bubs are different, some dont ever crawl.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

My DD was 11 months although she did an odd half drag-half crawl thing for a while. She started walking at 13 months. I was always comparing her other babies and feeing bad, but she has her own timetable and I understand that now.

Both my DD and DS started crawling at 8 1/2 months. When it happened it happened quickly....walking on the other hand took a while lol

My DS is 7 months now and he rolls in both directions. When he's on his tummy, he can hold his upper half off the ground with his arms but hasn't figured out how to get up on his knees yet. It's quite funny to watch because he wants to move and just ends up looking like he's trying to swim on the floor!
DD#1 crawled at 11 1/2 months (and walked at 13 1/2 months). She could roll and swivel so could pretty much get to where she wanted to go, I figure she didn't really have much motivation to crawl because of it.
All babies do things at their own rates. People always seem to expect a baby to be walking by the time they are one, but the average age to walk is 15 months! I know a lot of babies are walking earlier, so some must walk heaps later to make the average 15 months!! I guess it is much the same with crawling. I'm hoping DD#2 doesn't start crawling really early, I like having her stay where she is put (for the moment), I have enough to do chasing DD#1!!
My DS just turning 7 months old 2 days ago, he also doesn't look like have an interest to crawl yet. He loved to rolling on the floor, but he only roll to one side though (to the right) and he learn that when he's lying down he can move his body to the top by using his head... (sleep).. which make me worry

My friend's baby is almost 10 months old and just started crawling, but she doesn't do a classic crawl, she does a bear crawl.. LOL, she looks really cute when she's doing that
DS crawled at 1 year DD crawled at 10 months,shes now 15 months and almost walking
Crawling is the next step in the development of a child that comes after he starts sitting up. Mostly a child starts walking after he is able to crawl. It is the baby’s first attempt towards gaining some kind of independence and moving about without anyone’s help. Traditionally, the baby will first figure out how to balance himself on his knees and hands when starting to crawl and then get to the stage of moving using his knees. This whole exercise is going to help him in building up the muscles that will eventually be used in walking. When Do Babies Walk
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