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When Did Your Baby Crawl? Lock Rss

Hi there

My 7 month old has just learned to roll over on to her tummy but cannot roll back. She gets very frustrated at this. When she is on her tummy, she can push herself up for a few seconds and tries to kick her legs but then gives up. I'm just wondering when everyone else's babies started crawling as it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

My girls both started pulling themselves up on furniture at around 7 1/2 months old but neither of them crawled properly until 10 months (both crawled backwards for a while before that)
My DD stared comando crawling (dragging herslf around with her elbows) about 9 months then didn't start really crawling until 10 1/2 to 11 months. I thought she would go straight to walking as she started pulling herself up at 9 months but she did get there eventually smile

DD1 was 9 months & DD2 was 10 months. We were worried about DD2 for abit coz she wasnt rolling/moving around on the ground much when she was 10 months, but after we got a referral to a paed & made an appointment, within a week or 2 she was up & crawling & now she doesnt stop moving!!! The paed said that happens alot. They worry you, then you make an appointment, then they start doing it all! Maybe you should try that. Worked for us wink

I know babies who crawled before they were 6 months, and I know babies who didnt crawl until after their first birthday. They're all different. They dont follow 'guidlines'.
DS1 - 9 months, 3 weeks....Ironically the night before his major operation in which he would have his arms in splints (and not be able to bend them) for a month!

DS2 - Yesterday! 10 months, 2weeks. Ironically 48hrs before we get on a 9 hr flight...geez my kids know how to pick their times!
DD started crawling about 3 weeks ago. So 9 and a half months. I was always worried that she wasn't moving enough and that she would never crawl. When she was 9 months old I believed that she may never crawl, I thought she might just start pulling herslef up. Then 2 weeks later she started crawling, Proper knee crawling! She never comando crawled, now 3 weeks later she flys around the house. You sound exactly like me with my DD I was always worried about her development and forever reading threads like this. Let me assure you now, she will crawl when she is ready.Try not to worry to much. At 7 months DD was the same as your daughter and by 8 1/2 months she was doing tummy time and enjoying it, but nowhere near crawling she would go backwards evernow and then. Then oneday she just went! It wasn't like you could she her getting closer to crawling everyday, she literally learnt in one day.!!! Hope this helps smile

ds started crawling at 6.5 months it looked funny though lol by 7 months he was doing it properly smile he was comando crawling backward at 5.5months
About 7 months
Hi there,

I have 3 children already and 1 on the way. 2 out of my 3 crawled at the same age at 6 months going on 7 and started walking at 9 months. but as for my second child, my daughter, she didn't crawl till 9 months and started walking on her 1st birthday, i was abit worried at first. I kept in mind that not every child is the same and will do things in there own time.

The main thing is that your baby IS moving one way or another. Its when they're not showing any signs is when to be concerned.

For me now, i am so patient that im in no rush for my new baby to crawl lol because once they start moving around EVERYTHING gets put up high, chasing after them arrrggghhh lol grin
My little guy started crawling at 5 months and was walking well by 10 months. The pediatrician said hes about 3-4 months ahead.
My DD started rolling from her tummy to her back at 10wks. She's now almost 12wks and will push herself forward along the floor - head down, bum up! I think she'll be crawling as soon as she gets a bit stronger and can move her arms in coordination with her legs!
Hi, Our DD is 11mths old and is showing no interest in crawling, she does how ever bum shuffle. She gets from a to b doing this, very funny to watch. I am also wondering if she will ever crawl.

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