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My DS 7months has ptosis on his left eyelid. When he sucks his dummy or drinks his bottle his eyelid flicks up and down. Its worse when he is tired or just woken up. I personally thinks he's real cute with it but i want to do something about it for his sake.. I know there are alot of bubs out there who have it but nobody i personally know..u mums out there what did uz do? he has a specialist appointment in september..
Hi, I know you posted this a couple of years ago(!) but I'm now in the same boat as you - my 9 month old DD has a congenital ptosis (right eye). Also worse when she is tired or just woken up. We've seen eye specialists about 4 times now, to keep checking it isn't affecting her vision. It's pretty marginal so we've been referred onto a surgeon in Chch, who we are seeing late Sept when she'll be 11 months.

How did your son get on - did he end up having surgery?

Have you found anyone else with a ptosis? I'd be interested in seeing some before and after pics of bubbas who have had surgery - seems that's what Sophie might need seeing as it's so close to covering pupil and affecting sight.
Hi original poster! This sounds like what my boy has - and we think it may be Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking Syndrome + Ptosis. Have you had a diagnosis of this at all? Or can it still flutter with just the ptosis?
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