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If both parents have blue eyes then the bub will have blue eyes, But if one has blue and the other has brown it can be any thing smile
I have bright blue, DP has almost black looking eyes and our DD has hazel eyes with dark blue ring around them, shes 5.5monthds old so not sure what colour they will be yet smile

I don't think this is the answer you want to hear, but my neice's eye colour didn't change until around the time she was starting primary school so it can actually take years to happen!

It is interesting that you say this! I don't know what colour my DD's eyes are, they are sort of a slate grey, or sometimes brownish, or sometimes greenish (depending on what she is wearing!). DH and I both have blue eyes, I know that odds are she will have blue eyes too! But all my biology teacher friends keep saying that it isn't that simple, and it is possible to have a brown eyed child with two blue eyed parents, it is just unusual...
Anyway, I'm rambelling here smile but I was wondering if DD's eyes would just stay the same colour/non colour that they are now!! I guess I'll have to keep waiting to see for sure! smile
My son was born with grey eyes and around 2months they were more blue and still are..funny tho,my eyes are brown and I have dark brown hair,partner has hazel eyes with brown hair and we have a son with blue eyes and blonde hair..looks exactly like his nana...strange stuff smile

When did your baby's eye colour change? My son is currently 4 months old and still has blue eyes so I'm wondering if and when they might change. I have brown eyes and my husband has green/blue eyes.

Same her I have brown dp greeny blue and our twins both have blue eyes dd's are beautiful a black rim around them very jealous of her eyes lol dd1 has massive brown ones like me so I guess your little ones will stay blue a nurse said any where between 2 to 6 or even 18 months will determine the eye colour if it's bright blue they will prob stay that way I love blue eyes so so so sweet
My DS1 had blue eyes until he turned around 2 1/2 both DH and I have hazel eyes so I was thinking that the colour of his eyes was coming from my grandpa who has blue eyes. Now they are hazel colour DS2 eyes changed when he was only a couple of months old.
My sons eyes were BLACK when he was born and didnt change till about 6 months and they changed to really dark brown
Daughters eyes were born blue and they are still blue [shes nealy 5]
Wierd that son got brown eyes because DP has Blue and I have hazel

I wanted to know the same thing my partner and I have brown eyes my oldest was born with dark eyes almost black then turned brown pretty early and my second was born with blue eyes and they just keep getting brighter blue I know the odds are slim but I really hope her eyes stay blue she’s almost 5 months do you think they’ll stay? My dad had green and my brother has blue
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