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Hi Louisthe1, Thank you for sharing you experience with getting your little man his helmet. I have an almost 7 month old with plagiocephaly. We went and got the cast made last week so just waiting for the helmet to be made so we can go back in for our fitting. I was okay about it, but now I am just feeling as though I have let him down.. I have been looking at newborn pics and he didn't have a wonky noggin then, and we have been trying so hard with repositioning without luck. I am really nervous about going out in public with him, and I generally am the type of person that doesn't care what other people think, but it's not about me anymore, it's about him. What did you say when people asked you? I completely agree wit you... I'd rather be the parent that tried rather then the one that didn't bother to do anything and then for him to have an imagine issue when he is older. How long does your bub have to wear the helmet? We are unsure at the moment, we will be having monthly check up's.... I am guessing 12 weeks at least. Thanks again for your story it's helped me. smile
My baby is 7months old. Her head is uneven and has small bump. On her 2nd month the doctors say it will go away on its own. Now she is 7months and it was still the same. RCH waiting is 8month min, but can't wait longer.. I want to go privately, plz let me know any clinics that do helmet therapy in Melbourne.
Some one mentions it costs 500 to 600, which clinic is it. I contacted oapl they say it costs around $2000. Plz help
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