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How big is your 4 month old? Lock Rss

I'm just wondering if anyone else is sick of hearing how big their 4 month old baby is?? My little girl was 4.1kg when she was born an now weighs 8kg. I've been told they are only meant to weigh twice their birth weight when they turn 1!! I have friends with 6 month olds smaller than her! She is a little chubby but also very long.

I am also wondering when is a good time to turn their car seats around? I have turned her around already as she is quite capable of sitting up when supported. If anyone has any advice or anything it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, my little girl is almost four months. She was 3.9kg when she was born, and she is definitely over 6kg now, not exactly sure what weight she is , we're going to the clinic at the end of the month. I don't think you need to worry about her weight yet, weight gain is good at her age, she'll run it off one day when she is bigger! My daughter also seems to be quite long.
We've already turned my daughter's car seat around too, it's been turned for a couple of weeks at least. She has good support of her head, and is more comfortable with the seat turned around. Our seat has a good recline on it, so we keep her in the reclined position, but forward facing, so she can look around and see what's happening....she's a real sticky beak!
Are you b/feeding or bottle? I am still b/feeding, which i am reasonably pleased about because I only managed to feed my first daughter for 3months, so I am doing well keeping up with my 2nd daughter. your daughter sleeping through yet for you? Mine has her times when she will sleep an 8 hour stretch (she's done it maybe 4 times) but mostly she still wakes for a feed every 4 hours both day and night. Most of the time we struggle to get her to have naps longer than 1hour at a time during the day, but we're getting there!
Hi Georgina, Thanks for replying! I figured she would work it off as she starts moving around, I am just so sick of the comments! My grandmother implied that she was too fat - what am I supposed to do - not feed her? I will check with the doctor at her check up next week just in case. Paige was born on the 29th of May which makes her a day older than your little one! It's so nice to chat to someone who has a baby the same age!

As for the car seat thing, she loves it and can support her head just fine so I really don't see the problem but once again, am sick of hearing the comments regarding this!

I am bottle feeding as I tried b/f and she just was not interested. I persisted for 2 weeks and it was the most awful 2 weeks of my life! Unfortunately I had to have an emergency c-section and they gave her a bottle to feed her as I had a few complications with the anaesthetic and wasn't able to b/f for the first 12 hours. I think this was a big factor in her refusal of the breast. We then discovered she was lactose intolerant and since we have put her on her l/f formula, she has thrived.

You will probably hate hearing this but she has slept through from 5 weeks! At first it was just 7 hours, now she goes at least 9 per night. But as far as I can tell, formula takes longer for them to digest so this would have helped her while your bub would digest the breast milk a lot quicker. You poor thing - how are you coping? Mine is a bit of a 'cat napper' at day as well but at least I regain my sanity getting a decent sleep at night! I found a few things helped her sleep through, like we used to keep a night light on for me to get up and feed her but as soon as we stopped using this, she slept through! Somehow, she also puts herself to sleep too - I was rocking her to sleep every night and just thought I cannot do this forever and put her in her cot awake to see how she went. She whinged and talked to herself for a while but eventually fell asleep!
I don't know if this will help you but one of my friends was having trouble getting her 3rd bub to sleep through (she was b/feeding) and so when he woke up for a feed at night she started giving him water. This lasted a couple of nights before he realised that getting water wasn't worth waking up for!? I don't know if this will help!

Thanks again, just so nice to be able to chat to someone who knows!

I have heard (its on the car seat i think) that having them face front at 8kgs is fine.

I don't think its right though that your bub is supposed to have doubled their birth weight by 1 year old as I am sure we would all have some pretty tiny bubs!!!

Bennett was 3.45kgs at birth @ 4 mths 6.880 (almost doubled) @ 5 mths 7.325

and only a couple of weeks till his 6 mth check up

does your graph in your yellow book say that she is big for her age????

I have a friend whose bub is 8 and half months and tiny compared to Bennett but then the mum is tiny compared to me.

Don't stress smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi, Mum 2 paige

Im exactly the same! How ironic is this... I had a complete stranger come up to me in the newsagent whilst I was holding my daughter and he said to me "whos is she??" I replied "shes mine!" He then asked how old she was and I proceeded to say 4mnths, he replied "Gee shes big", which I was dumbfounded by because I thought what right did this guy think he had telling me this. He then followed on by saying, "Now remember dont go fussing over her too much!" I didnt know what to say but I feel sorry for the next stranger that says something because I will be ready and waiting.

I recently visited my doctor the other day and I told her the above story and she said obviously not to worry about what strangers or other people say because truly we as humans are all very unique and all very different in growth, size, weight etc My daughter was born on 5th May 2004 and she was actually weighed today with clothes on at my local chemist and she was roughly 7.7ish kilos! I forgot to write it down sorry!!

Quite often, I have found that people that dont see my daughter alot always are the first ones to pass comment..." oh look at those chubby/fat cheeks", or "Gee shes piling on the weight!"

DONT let this worry you at all! If it is a real concern speak to your doctor but I assure you your baby sounds healthy for her age!

Child Safety Seat

Once your baby is either six months old, weighs 9 kilos (20lb) or is longer than 70cm (27inches), she needs to move from her baby restraint to an approved child safety seat which she will use until she is four to five years of age. Between four to six months babies have good head control but many are still unable to sit on their own. You do not have to wait until your baby can sit on her own before moving her into a child safety seat - the sitting-alone skill is not acquired by quite a few babies until they are nine months old.

(This is an extract out of my 'Baby Love' book that Robin Barker wrote, I thought it may be handy for you!!

Anyway my daughter is also very long and she was born 6lb 12oz (3.080kg) I remember my paediatrician saying that by the age of 3, you double your childs height and then you will have the height of what your child will be as an adult!! Clever hey!!

Hope this helps,

Belinda, 4mnth baby

Hi Sam

My baby is actually now 11 months old, however right from a few weeks after she was born I was forever getting comments from people on how large she was for her age. She was 3.545 kg when she was born and by 4 months she was 7kg. She was always in the very high part of the growth charts for weight but was average for everything else. I have always been told by family etc that a chubby baby is lovely and will do well if they ever get sick as they have the excess weight to help them.
When Ashlee was 8 1/2 months she started crawling and the weight just dropped off. She was around 10kg just before she started to crawl and now she is steady at about 9.5kg but has grown in length.
In relation to the car seat, I turned the car seat around when Ashlee was nearly 5 months. She was just under the right weight to turn the seat and I am not sure how safe it is to do that but I did it anway and she was much happier. The seat was and still is in the reclining position as she sleeps a lot in the car and seems to like being able to lay back when she is tired.
I think if people comment on your baby's size again I would try and ignore it as much as you can. You know your baby is healthy and happy so who cares what everyone else thinks?


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi guys,

Babies are meant to double their birth weight by 4mths, so she's perfectly on schedule! Adara weighed 2.96kgs at birth & was 6kgs exactly at her 4mth check-up. I've been told that she's right on track & read up a bit on it aswell, so don't worry about it. Besides, every baby (like every adult) has different proportions & there's a lot that fall into the 'normal' category.

You've really gotta stop worrying about what ppl say (easier said than done, I know!). Adara's just under the 50% line for her weight & just above it for her height, yet I still get ppl telling me she's on the heavy side! I just laugh cos I know she's not at all. I don't know about you guys but I got A LOT of "Wow, you're huge!", "Are you having twins?" & "So & so is about to pop & she's nowhere near your size!" when I was pregnant, so it gave me a much thicker skin now. I don't know why but for some reason they think that they can say things to you & don't put much thought into how that might make you feel. As if they can remember the exact size that a baby/preg belly should be at any given stage!!! Can you remember how big your newborn was with any reliabilty? I can't...

With the car seat, they do say you can turn it around at 8-12kgs. When you're thinking about doing it though, don't forget that even though she may have great head control for a 4mth old, if you had a major car accident would she be strong enough not to get severe whiplash from the jerk fwd? It's something that's hard even for adults sometimes. That's the reason why we face 'em backwards when their little... I know with Adara, she's always been an amazingly strong baby but I'm still going to wait as long as I can until I it round. Just a thought for you anyway...

Melanie ;o)

looking back in my blue book Dawson weighed in at 7.4kgs at 3 1/2 months, i didn't record it down at 4 months old for some crazy reason?? maybe i have it written down somewhere. Well he is now 5 1/2 months old and weighs in at 8.6kgs.
I constantly keep on getting told "oh my god he is so big" but i really don't seem to think so. He is the right weight for his length which is 71cms.
Just goes to show each and every baby is an individual. Don't worry about your childs weight or height unless it becomes a problem. As long as they are happy and healthy then that's all that matters ... right?


Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

We are at the other end of the scale, my daughter is 7kg @ 7 months (and that's after a huge growth spurt lol) and I get told how small she is. They are all different and develop at different rates.

Most people say 'oh she's so small', but generally they don't mean anything bad by it, but I think when u hear it all the time u just get sick of it!
Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for all of your responses. It's nice to know I'm not the only one subjected to the many well-wishing comments! I have decided not to stress as you are right when you say that she is happy and healthy so what is the big deal? As for the car seat, she is certainly a lot happier facing the front and we keep the seat reclined so she can sleep if she so desires.

Thanks again - you are all wonderful!!

Sam x

they usually double their birth weight around 3-4 months old. my baby is 4 months and is now about 8.5kg and was 3.6kg when she was born. its good having a big baby just in case they get sick and won't eat. They say 9kg to change the seat around and when they can hold their head up well
I am also sick of people's comments on the size of my baby. My daughter was 4.75kg when she was born and now weighs 7.8kg at 4 months. She has very chubby legs but is not really big, just very long. People seem to assume she is older then she is and expect her to be able to do more than she can.
As for turning the car seat I also heard that you should turn at 9kg or 6 months. We haven't turned our car seat yet as she seems quite happy facing backwards.

New Mum

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