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Is the small dummy bad for him? Lock Rss


My 9MO DS still sucks his 0-6MO dummy. We've tried the next size up (in the same dummy, and also different shapes/brands, etc), but he wont take another dummy...

Is it bad for his mouth or anything to be still sucking on the smaller dummy?

Also, any tips on how to get him to take one of the bigger ones?

Thanks! smile

I wouldn't think it would be bad..there doesn't even seem to be much difference in the sizes.

I have also seen some that don't have different sizes which leads me to think it doesn't really matter too.
My 8 month old is the same. We can't get him past the small dummy. He spits out the bigger sized ones.
I don't think it matters really. My daughter was opposite, she preferred a slightly bigger dummy than the newborn, she used a 3-6mth when she was a few weeks old. She's 19mths now and uses all sizes, even her newborn ones!

My DD had her 0-6 months dummy till she was 16 months and gave up dummy's altogether... She was never interested in a different size, plus, I thought it was pretty big anyway.
Thanks for all your replies! Guess I'll just leave him with it!

Hi, My son had the same problem. He gave the dummy up before 1yr and i think having the smaller dummy helped us out with that. He ended up chewing them till they were flat and because we didn't buy new ones he got bored of them and gave up on them. Dummy is a security blanket to them thats all. He is nearly 4 and no problems with the teeth. Hope this helps.
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