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Worried about babies weight gain Lock Rss

My friend and I bubs were born just a few hours apart and my little man got weighed today and has put on just under 2kg since birth (3440g at birth, 4430g today) Anyway her baby has only put on 400grams !!
Not saying she is doing something wrong or saying she is a bad mum maybe my baby is just a fatty boom-ba but she went on to tell me the midwife told her to feed her baby more and then she said to me the midwife is an idiot what would she know. I told her she knows her baby best and if her baby is happy then whats the problem but I do also think that a midwife would know best after all they do specialise in babies !!

It depends how much weight your friends baby lost when it was born and how long it took it to put that weight back on.

My bubs lost a heap after birth and took over 4 weeks to regain birth weight so at 2 months they had not put on much weight possibly less than 400g if you only looked at their birth weight. But considering they lost over 800g of their birth weight they had put on 1.2kg minimum in that time which isn't so bad.

If bub is happy settled sleeping properly has good colour (not grey) and isn't lethargic than I wouldn't stress your friend out about it. If you are worried keep an eye on her bub and look out for the signs mentioned above.

Hi, don't really have any advice for you, but just to tell you I know how you feel! My kids have both been fast growers, average birth weight but by about 6 months old they have gone off the charts for height and weight! It is difficult when friends have kids the same age who grow ALOT slower, but I guess all kids are different!
I'd think it would be fine. DD2 was 370g over her birth weight at 6 1/2 weeks and had only lost 100gr after she was born. She is a small little girl and doesn't grow very quickly at all.
As long as she is feeding on demand and her baby is happy, I wouldn't be too concerned. Ans as it is something that gets monitored regularly in newborns, it won't go undetected for long if there is a problem.

As someone else pointed out, some babies lose a lot of weight before gaining weight. My DS was born 4.51kg but only weighed 3.89kg when we left the hospital. My milk came in late and we also soon established I didn't have enough milk.
Its impossible to say really, if it were me I'd be listening to the health professionals as its the midwife whose actually seen the baby and knows the history. Sure they all grow differently but I dont see why people dismiss caregivers as idiots, they dont tell you these things to bug you - they are trying to help and doing their job.
I'm having similar issues to your friend. My little girl is almost 11 weeks old and she's probably put on a little less than your friend's baby. She's still in 0000. My health nurse was concerned and freaked me out so I went to see the paediatrician. She wasn't as freaked out but she was concerned and suggested a few different things. I took her back today and she's put on under 100 grams. Needless to say the paediatrician was a little more freaked out and started telling me to do all these other things. It'd only been a week since I'd seen her and I've been desperately trying to build up my milk supply, do top up feeds, get a better feeding position, increase feed numbers and I even used formula which is something that I personally never wanted to do if I could avoid it. (Please, no offence to anyone who uses formula this is a personal want of my own only). Now she's saying if she doesn't make some serious weight gain that they'll put her in hospital and hook her up to a nasal gastric tube to feed her. Give me some time to get her into a pattern and used to all the changes. A week is nothing. It's stressing me out so badly.

The other thing I can't get them to understand is that she's growing really fast. She grew 1.5 cms in a week and she's grown 9 cms in 10 and a half weeks. She's also extremely active. She started rolling from back to front at 2 and a half weeks, I have trouble changing her nappy because she moves herself up the change table not to mention the kicks in the boobs tht I get. I've also gone in in the morning and found her up the other end of the cot.

On top of that she had surgery at 5 days old and has a duplex kidney which means she essentially has 3 kidneys and pees like a trooper. I also haemorraged at day 10 and had to have emergency surgery. This means that my milk came in a little slower because I had to express only for a time in hospital and I had massive blood loss and severe dehydration after my haemorrage. She also needs a further surgery in about 3 months time to fix kidney reflux.

I can tell you that right now I just want to run away from all the doctors and their opinions and people wanting to poke me, check my boobs and prod her. I feel completely useless and like I'm a bad parent when I'v been doing everything I can. She doesn't cry with hunger, she's growing well, she's active and alert, she sleeps well, she's otherwise healthy and she's not unsettled.

Has anyone else had or knows someone who's had any issues like this?
Um no. Medical professionals don't always know best.

Through out my pregnancy, I knew everything would be fine, even though I was having loads of extra scans- kidneys were different sizes, they said bub was small etc. In labour, they insisted on monitoring her heartbeat even though I said I knew she was fine... I can't explain it, it was a knowing in my soul, a truth I just knew. You know how you can sense someone is lying with no proof? Similar to that.

Because they were worried, they insisted on a whole three ring circus for me, which in the end made things harder for me...

Sunnic, I don't know exactly what you're feeling, but I totally get the feeling of never wanting to see another doctor and nurse again, ever.
When I was pregnant, I read about mothers who refused ultrasounds because they didn't want medical interferrance, and now I totally get that.

My bub regained weight well, but after a certain point, it just stopped. But I'm cool with that, I think it's all gone to her brain because at 3 months, everyone was raving about her acting like a six month old tongue
Don't forget that all babies are different, therefore they gain weight differently. Read this -
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