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11 week old teething?? Lock Rss

The past week my 11 week old (tomorrow) has been putting her fist into her mouth..i just thought it was something new she has discovered and she had realised she has hands but today when i gave her a bath i had a little look in her mouth and could see these "white" things then felt them and there sharp! Is this at all normal??
Putting their fist into their mouth is a developmental thing that all babies do.

All babies are different, some teeth early... some late. All normal smile How many teeth have you spotted?
Hey that has happened to my daughter she is 14wks now though she had started around then they keep comming and going back up, but dont worry its perfectly
She has 2 down the bottom one is bigger than the other but they deff teeth i keep checking them, im shocked!!

Oh well i guess babies are all differant and my little one is an early teether, nothing i can do i guess!!

Thanks for the replies grin
Apparently the Queen was born with a tooth!
We've had the same thing!
Glad to hear its normal.

my baby first started teething at 5wks he is 5 months now and has three teeth coming through...they have not come all the way through yet but they are well on my youngest brother had his first tooth at 4wks its amazing how fast they come
I was born with a tooth and when my daughter was born she had a lump on her bottom gum which slowly went down but at 11 weeks a tooth appeared there smile
It is good to know that in 11 weeks, it starts teething as, there are many babies that dont get teeth in 11 weeks. But, it is not a kind of situation to get tensed.

Soon after that, they get teeth in few months.
My 12 week old boy has been sucking on his fists, drooling and making biting gestures.... Did anyone of your LOs lose their latch on breast or bottle? My bub has always has been breast and bottle fed. He suddenly has started refusing the bottle and his latch at the breast also isn't strong as normal.... He was born 2kgs so really dreading his feeding strike. Hope this is a phase and shall pass.
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