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I just went to MHC today and my little 8 month old girl, Sascha, born 6lbs 7 oz weighed in at 6.37kg.
She had only grown half a centimetre since her last visit at 6 months and so she has fallen "below" the graph line for length and weight.

She is fully breastfed and is also eating solids. The advice I was given was to give her more cereals and variety in her diet and try to "stretch out" the breastfeeds.

Has anyone else got a "petite bub" who is around 8 months old. Particularly interested in finding out if some breastfed babies are smaller than formula fed bubs.

My first daughter, Sara, was born 9lbs 3 oz and has never looked back! so it has been a different experience to have such a petite little one.

Hi there, i know it an be difficult when your child is called "petite". My daughter at 8 months was 6.78 kilos and 67cms long (though she was always a long one!) - at birth she weighed 3.85 kilos (8lb 7 oz) so she wasn't a small one at birth!
She was fully breast feed and i believe that breast fed babies don't put on as much as fully formula fed babies (and my health nurse agreed with me)
When my daughter was about your daughters age (8 months) they too said she was petite (especially as she was quite long) and so suggested like you more "bulky" solids, as well as a formula feed to top her up a bit - which i was quite happy about at this stege (though was still hard to let go of the breastfeeding) though we started with only 1 formula fed per day. THis was great as it then gave me a break and hubby could do it.
How is your daughter going with eating the solids? I know our daughter didn't really take to it until around 9 months, and then my goodness, she wolfed it down! Teething can also be a difficult time for the little ones.
Just for your info. at the 10 month mark our daughter was 7.54 kilos and still considered on the petite side, but slowly getting there (she didn't inherit those genes from me that's for sure, but my husband is fairly tall and thin so could be from him)
Personally i believe that too much emphasis is placed on babies needing to be "fat" to be considered healthy, and then by the time they are toddlers we are given a double whammy and told they are "obese" - go figure.
Anyway, my daughter is now 4 and considered taller than average for her height and is in about the lower 30 per cent range for her weight - but she is the most active, healthiest toddler you have seen - she can run rings around me!
Oh and around the 8 month mark, babies start to burn a lot more energy as they are crawling and a lot more mobile, so maybe some more foods to combat all the energy she is burning off.
Anway, sorry about the long post, i went through this with my daughter and have come out the other side fine!
However, if you have any concerns there is no harm taking her to your gp.
Also, a food diary is really handy to see what they are actually eating during the day - i know sometimes we think, they haven't eaten much but wehn you write it down it can be quite considerable
My daughter is a little younger than yours but I thought I would reply anyway. At 6 months 1 week my little girl was 5.23kg and even though she was born 3.45kg she has been below the charts for months. We are off to see a pediatrician in July just to check that she is okay but she should be fine. Genetically neither families are particularly small however my DF had growth problems requiring growth intervention as a young child - teen so I am a little concerned she may have the same problem.

Has your DD been sick at all? Has she just (in the last 2 months) learnt to crawl/ walk along furniture? Because both of those can have quite an effect on growth. Wishing you good luck and I hope your DD gets back onto the charts soon.

On the breastfeeding issue DD2 has been comp fed formula since 4 weeks and increasing the amounts of formula doesn't seem to make any difference to her weight gains. She has 5-6 feeds a day (mix of breast, expressed milk and formula) and 1 or 2 solid meals depending on her mood so intake certainly isn't her problem.
My DD is 9 months and is 7 kgs, she was 3.1kg at birth. She has only put on 600grams in the last 3 months sad She is also below the line in weight.

We have taken her to see paed, and she is now on more concentrated formula to try and put on weight. She eats a good variety of different solids everyday and drinks milk five times a day, this is only cause I worry that she isnt eating enough and so I also top her up with milk.

She actually stopped putting on much weight when I stopped Bf at 5 1/2 months.

Some kids are just small; sometimes it is genetic, sometimes it is metabolism sometimes there doesn't seem to be a reason, but to get an average some have to be bigger, and conversely smaller to get the average. Though as a rule of thumb bf babies do tend to gain less weight than their ff counterparts and/or gain weight in a different way.

DS2 was born at a hefty 3.9kg, which was a shock to everyone I think. <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span> 9 months he was a 'tiny' 6.34kg, now at this stage he'd been off the weight charts in his Plunket book for about 4 months and all they harped on about was how much he didn't weigh. Of course they didn't look at HIM, the fact that he was meeting (and exceeding) milestones, had the requisite number of nappies a day, was content between feeds etc. At 15 months he was a 'measly' 8.1kg, a weight I thought we might never see. <span class="emoticon laugh">laugh</span> He was still averaging 2-4 bf a day at that stage and had a reasonable amount of solids going into him as well; he grew how he was programmed to grow and little of the things we did seemed to make that much difference. Now his big brother was the same, though handled that differently at the time and DS1 is now at the top of the height and weight charts for his age and DS2 is now a 'massive' 15kg at nearly 3. I reckon that my kids, who tend to grow that bit more as toddlers, are following a trend similar to mine when I did most of my growing as a toddler and then not again until I was a teenager. Having said that DS1 shot up in height as a toddler, but DS2 is still a 'shortie' at 92cm; on the plus side he's always had a huge head. hehehehehehehehehe

Kellymom is a great resource and they actually have the WHO BF charts linked on their site so you might want to have a look at those.

Would it make you feel better if I told you my almost two year old only weighs 10kgs? She still fits into size 0 clothes. She has been on the 3rd percentile line or below since birth. She is as healthy as they come.
my 2.5 yr old only weighs 11 kilos now and although i cant remember what she weighed at 8 months (and cant find her baby book) i know she was definately on the small side.
she weighed 6 pound 4 ounces at birth and gained weight very slowly.
she was fully breastfed until introduction to solids and i continued to breastfeed her until she was 25 months old.

she has always been and probably will always be a petite child. she seems to have grown more since turning 2 but for a good 9 months she didnt gain any weight (between 15 months and 2 roughly)

she is a healthy, happy, intelligent LITTLE girl lol

good luck and if you are concerned about her health then do seek a professional opinion and help but also, some babies are just small smile
my ds was born 6 weeks early but in regards to the growth and weight charts he gone below and above the line at the moment he is 1 year and he is below. im not too worried cause the graph is only an estimate its not like we are all the same height. do it again in another month if you like and you might be supprised all babies go through growth spurts at different times.
DS1 was born 5pd 12.5 (2.24kg), so he was born small, he was still in size 00 at 12 months and he was formula feed from birth.

He's now 13yrs and wearing size 12 pants and size 14-16 shirts, but he's extremely athletic and trains 2-4 times a week in different sports.

I was constantly told how small he was, but he was exceeding all other babies developmentally. He was walking at 9 months, talking full sentences at 12 months and was able to hit a tennis ball with a piece of broom stick handle at 2 yrs with nearly every attempt.
Mt daughter is actually only 7mths but she weigh only 6.1kg. She has 6-8 Bfeds per dya nd 2-3 solids depending on her moods. sometimes she will pinch a toast crust or have some of her older sibs porridge int he mornings other days she wont but she always has fruits for lunch and veges ant night plus whateer ssnacks she can grab during the day from anyone who is eating near her.. i have given up trying to get her gain extra weight as i feel she will grow at her own pace. she is on 3rd percentile but has always been on the 3rd percentile so has not changed her path for weight however she is very long and is 90th percentile for length

My daughter is 7 months and is off the chart as well. Her weight is 6.4kgs, She is formula fed and has been since birth. Have seen GP waiting on Paed appointment. The plus side for us is she likes food, so I have been adding extra calories that way, I have been adding oil to veggies and formula powder wherever I can - I offer bottles 5-6 times a day with little success. Good luck its a constant battle.
Thank you to all those people who responded to my message about my "petite bub". It was very reassuring to read your responses and hear of your experiences.

After the visit to MHC, I decided that I should start giving bub a "comp" formula feed in the early evening and more variety of foods.

However the next month she became really unsettled waking two to three times an evening and vomiting each time she had the formula. I decided to switch formula brands and since then she is certainly much more settled. She has stopped vomiting after the formula.

When she does wake in the night it is only for a very short BF and then she goes straight back to sleep.

We have been to see GP and she told me that it is quite common to have to try a few different types of formula before you find one that suits your bub. My first bub took the first formula brand I gave her no probs.

The GP had had a family in the past 10 years and I was immediately placed at ease. GP conducted tests on urine just to make sure that there were no infections. (My husband has a history of renal failure and received a transplant 20 years ago so that was probably at the back of my mind) All results clear.

So I have my healthy, peaceful "petite" bub back who is 9 months old and beginning to crawl. She is also sleeping peacefully.

She is also a "foodie" baby just like her big sis. She is enjoying her new formula in the evening and it is also nice for mum to "have a break" from BF so win-win.

Thank you again for your responses. It will be interesting to see what the next visit to MHC will bring.

I really believe that each child is unique and will develop at their own rate.

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