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hey everyone hope u are all well
well i have a bit of a problem hoping u guys can help. Kai is 10 months old this months and still wont eat chunky food only finley mashed! how can i get him to start chewing? He can eat teething rusks like there is no tomorrow, but when its come to a lumpy dinner he just keeps gaging on it! plz help


Jeb like that too at the moment. I made a yummy tuna and pasta bake the other week and he had about 3 spoonfuls and decided that it was too much hard work to chew so refused to eat it! Now I make all his lunches that he has to chew so he gets used to it and I must say it seems to be working. I still give him a little yoghurt after whatever finger foods I gave him but he's starting to realise that if he doesn't eat what I give him he's not getting anything else until his bottle an hour and a half later. He used to just suck the jam or vegemite of the bread I'd give him but after a week of finger food only at lunch he ate almost the whole sandwich on Tuesday!!!! Best effort yet!! This is helping so much with the lumpy food department too!!! Am going to try the tuna and pasta bake on him tonight and see if he'll eat it all. Fingers crossed. Hope my ramblings helped.....all this too say I'm in the same boat but experiment to get the lumps down...good luck with Kai smile
my little boy was like that...he still enjoyed finger food, but from a bowl he always wanted mashed/pureed food, just keep persisting eventually he will enjoy chewing smile


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