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I am getting a little worried, my ds is not "growing up" or acting his age... silly to worry I know about a 15mth old but the count down is on till the next one arrives I thought he should be a little more active...

He still wants 3 bottles a day
He wont eat finger foods etc bikkies
His not walking or trying to walk
He wont eat fruit and Iam having to mash vegies so he will eat those, not without a screaming fight.

He has only just started drinking water out of a sippy cup but thats a fight sometimes too...

any help would be great

the first thing i would be doing is getting rid of the bottles and say its time for baby to have them when she comes( my boy understood that at the same age)

then i would only be giving him milk in a sippy cup once a day, which if he wants it he will drink it(make it so bottles arent visible-out of sight out of mind)

you may have 2-3 days of screaming but then he will realise that he needs to eat food so that he isnt hungry(he wont starve himself)

15 months old is still a baby! 3 bottles is fine just increase the lumps in the food bit by bit.He will do everything when he is good & ready not when you are 'ready'.Hang in there.Maybe take him to gymbarroo.My sil had to take her daughter at about 15/ 18 months as she jut sat down and that was it.It gave her some 'exercises' to do with her daughter to get her moving! the daughter is now a very active 18 year old about to start uni! lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I think you need to use some tough love to phase out the bottles. My dd's appetite increased a huge amount after I took her bottles away. She is nearly the same as your ds and eats really well! Milk can really fill them up so if he's having 3 bottles a day that's probably why he's not so interested in food. Good luck!

My son doesnt understand anything I say, which is other worry I have looked after and been aroung children my whole life and they have done so much more then this...

Cutting out his bottles I can do... not without a fight!!!

Also I wanted to add to let your ds have a 'play' with food. Make sure you eat your meals together and let him pick up and hold and touch his food. T-bones are good for them to chew on provided the bone is not too sharp and you supervise. Also mashed potato with peas, corn and sweet potato mixed in...

My son doesnt understand anything I say, which is other worry I have looked after and been aroung children my whole life and they have done so much more then this...

Cutting out his bottles I can do... not without a fight!!!

i definately think cutting bottles is 1st step and will make life easier once bubs comes,

trying lumpier foods, and even try bits of grated cheese carrot apple on high chair and let him go and see what he does if u are watching him but he doesnt think you are, u may be surprised,

I wouldnt be feeding him urself, make it that he has to feed himself or he goes hungry, it worked for my DS2-he was in love with his bottles and he wouldnt eat coz he new he would get them(phase out bottles but dont give them too him at meal times, say morning and afternoon tea times to cut it to 2 bottles then id only have it as in the morning after breakfast)

hope this helps a bit

I let him try to eat everyday himself and I give him 1min lol it ends up all on the floor except the bikkies and the rare chip here and there.

His vegies are only mashed a tad with mixed vegies mixed in.

The play centre sounds like a great idea and he does enjoy it, when I manage to get him there!

cutting bottles is the first step
my DD1 was 2 and a half i think when i took them off her (DD2 was 15 months at the time and i cut hers too) it was great lol. DD1 started eating so much more. i gave them milk in a sippy cup in the early evening after dinner/before bedtime

i also agree with letting him play with food, and make a mess, i know it is just more work for you but they honestly eat more if you let them do it this way.
DD1 is really fussy, and the more i try and get her to use her fork the less she eats (she is nearly 4) but if i just let her go and mush the potao between her hands she then licks hands clean and therefore eats. bones are also great... T-Bones etc them being able to hold onto and use their teeth worked well for us too

good luck with it and it is hard, but worth it. i know what its like having kids close together DD1 was 17 months when i had DD2...

have u tried even hot chips, steer clear of the biccies, they will come back to haunt you when thats all he will want to eat

my boys are 18mths apart DS1 ate heaps till he was 1 and then after eats barely anything-now at 3 1/2yr, and DS2 has never eaten anything other than bottles(i stopped bottles at 15mths)
i have to let them play with there food,

today at 3 1/2 DS1 actually tried egg and ate it and last night he had tacos with mince for first time ever smile
[Edited on 11/02/2010]

He eats hot chips but I dont like giving them to him that often.
I just gave him lunch... A sandwhich and a half a banana, all of it was on the floor in less time it took to make it! aghh I am so annoyed!!!

going off what you've just said, i would just leave him.
if he realises he not getting what he wants he is going to start eating what you give him. get him out let him go play dont give him anything other then water in his sippy cup. try him again in an hour with the same thing, if he does it again same thing... it takes a while and it is hard but it works!
good luck and i know its not great when you dont feel like putting up with the tanty's

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