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what a beautiful way to start my morning! Lock Rss

the other day i was in bed and i had Jett next to me.... really naughty i know, but i was so tired and we both fell asleep. anyway, the next thing i knew, i had this little hand rubbing my faceas if to say, mummy, im awake..wake up with me.
it was so beautiful! i just opened my eyes and he gave me the biggest smile. Jetts only 4months old and he is the absolute joy of my life!
Id love to hear if anyone else has got some beautiful stories to tell about their bub.
its moments like these that you wish you had a camera rolling but its memories like this that will stay with you forever.


woops... i just re-read my post and it look slike it says, he was rubbing my faeces.... its meant to be... rubbing my face, as if to say......
my bad. sorry all


oh yes every morning about 9 instead of putting lil in her cot we jump in bed together for an hour sleep
and when she wakes up she gets her little fists and pushes them into my cheeks,as soon as she see's me taking a peek she gives me a massive smile and it gets me evry time!!!!!!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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