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Exited little Baby... Lock Rss

My daughter Bonnie is so funny! When it is Tummy time, she sees her dummy and kicks her legs out and about and reaches for it! She also squeals with exitement!
Im having a little trouble myself, though... walking through the shop with my bubby in the pram... I get a lot of bad looks, because I am only 15... I think that being a mother so young is only bad if you arent willing to change and learn... Any other opinions?

Bonnie, 4 months.

Personally for me.. there is no way I could have been a mum at 15. I was no where near ready for anything that heavy then.

I think babies are such a HUGE committment for the rest of your lives and I personally needed to be established with a house, hubby, financially and the rest of it before I thought about babies.

But in saying that every person is different and I commend you to be young and bringing up a baby.
As long as that little one gets all the love in the world.. that is the main thing
Hi Emmaline.

I'm a single mum and my daughter is about the same age a Bonnie. I'm 21 but i don't think age is the big contributing factor when it comes to strangers giving u looks. Maybe your bubby is sooo adorbaly cute! Which i am sure she is!

I must congratulate you for having a baby this young, as many people would have taken other options to prevent their child from coming into the world. Don't pay attention to what everyone else says or thinks. The most important thing is you and your little girl. Just think, in a few years time you will be walking her to school and you will be the hot mamma!!!

There are tonnes of advantages to being a young mum!! I know for me, i have tonnes of stuff that i plan on doing even though i got my DD to look after. I'm sure, like me, you wouldn't change anything for the world now!! Don't let it hinder you from doing everything that you would have done if you didn't have your little girl. I know it must be hard and i wish i could give u a hug and tell u everything will be ok because it will! If u ever wanna chat my msn/email is [email protected]

Be strong and anyone who says some smart arse comment or something rude just tell them where to go. It's none of their business. Don't worry about them!!

Where abouts do you live?? I live in Adelaide.

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

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