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Prem baby frustration with developmental stages Lock Rss

Hi guys, is anybody else having trouble with a prem baby and knowing roughly when they should be doing certain things as it's getting very confusing and upsetting as there are no other premies around us. I don't know how long he will be playing catch up for as he's still trying to stack on the weight.

Tina, Connor prem now 2

Hi, I had twins who were just over 5wks premmie. My CHN's told me that for the first year their development is delayed by the amount of time they were premature ie.instead of smiling at six weeks mine smiled at 11 wks. They also count back when graphing height and weight in your child health book. If you want any further details or a chat you can reach me at [email protected]
Hi there,
When i had my twins they were 9 weeks early.
They spent that entire time in hospital.
They had their first needles in hospital.

The girls were slower with their development & they were alot smaller than others the same age but I never pushed anything on them.
They finally walked when they were 16 months.
Your babies will get there, be happy that you have two precious healthy babies.

By the way my twins are now 13 & 1 is still a little bit slower than the other, but thats ok bcos even thou they look the same they are two seperate people.

I look back at how fast time has flown by, so please enjoy your babies while they still are.

Good Luck

I also have a premmie baby. Abby was born 26+5, 915gr. She is now 9 1/2mths & 6.5kg.

I get so confused with everything. I am still waiting for her to roll over for the 1st time. I guess they just do everything when they are ready.


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