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He just never stops! Wants to be picked up, then wants to get down, wriggling and giggling and getting into everything. His eyes are constantly darting round for the next target, then he moves in for the kill.....panting and sometimes falling over from his efforts!
It's exhausting being 9 months old!!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Jen, that is such a clever paragraph - very, very funny. I'm tired even just having read it - lol. I am so lucky DD isn't a squirminator, she likes a quite sit.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Maybe its in the NZ water!!!

My boy is 11 months old and exactly the same... he is so energetic. He has a million times more energy than me!!! It is exhausting caring for him... he is the same in that he wants to be picked up but then in a matter of seconds will be squirming to get down... he does a head-plant when his legs/knees move too fast for his arms (it's quite cute)... and he loves watching the alarm sensor as it flashes red... he turns to check that you're watching/not watching when he is able to grab something he shouldn't...

When he is at my parents, he heads straight for their carpeted stairs and he can zoom up there within a minute... he has worked out that coming down face forward is not the way so he turns around and comes down... cheeky and clever thing!!

Boy, I wonder what will happen when he can walk/run!!!

Wow how funny Jen!
Rochelle is right - have you got my son also!
He never slows down either it's go go go go. I learnt very quickly how to put a nappy on while he is on the run too! He thinks it is fun to be chased and giggles himself silly as he runs off down the hallway with me strugglig to keep up!

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

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