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hi everyone;
i have a girl 8 mths old. She loves to put her thumbs in her mouth all the times. She is annoyed when i take her hands down. i bought a small bottle from chemists to prevent she suck her thumbs, but could not stop her doing that. pleases anyone teach me what todo


Don't fight it, I know that's not what you want to here but as she is only 8 months it's probably her way to handle teething. My 4 yr old has only just started doing this, but only does it when she is tired, so the first sign that i see of her being tired it's into the bath, than into bed; so it's easy to stop her at this age.

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My 5 month old has just started to suck hs thumb and hands but i have also just realised that he is teething so i think it is way of helping with the pain. He also doe not take a dummy

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

It use to annoy me when Jaye put her fingers in the mouth all the time but now I just let her do it cause its a new thing for her that she has discovered and want to know what they do and she also sucks on her fingers when she is teething so that is always fun (not).

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hi, i wouldnt be worried about the finger sucking at all. When i was in hospital the nurses all told me that babies suck to survive and they did the finger sucking thing in the womb too so its not a bad thing. i recon its better than giving buba dummy anyway. but also, i know that babies feel better than we would think, with their tongues. it could be the texture of the little fingers in their mouth. so i think its jst a natural thing that all babies do. She'll grow out of it when she's ready.


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