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How much does your 71/2 month old weigh? Lock Rss

Hello Ladies,

My daughter Emily (5months) cannot be left alone thru the day.

Generally she is a fantastic baby eats & sleeps well but when she is awake if i do not include her in everything i do she crys.

It would be ok if she stayed on her back but recently she started rolling from back to her front and when she rolls herself over she starts crying..."help turn me back over!" This is repeated thru the entire day so i am continuously running to her her turning her back over.

Wondering if anyone else goes thru the same thing ?

Look forward to hearing from someone ..

NSW - 1st child baby girl

Hi Mariav,
My name is Tracey. I had the same problem with my son at age 3-4 months. (He is now 7 months). I use to spend a lot of time going backwards and forwards turning back from his tummy to his back, as he hated being on his tummy. I decided he had to spend time on tummy to strenghten his neck muscles, so we would spend about 5 mins every hour or so playing on his tummy with me sitting in front of him. After about 5 mins, I would roll him back over, then give him a cuddle, put him back on his back and leave him with his play gym above him. Within a week, he was getting use to the fact, that being on his tummy meant that I would play with him, and his crying started to settle. Within 3 weeks of starting this, he had learnt to roll back and forth from back to tummy and back again all by himself. Now at 7 months, he hates being on his back, and is constantly rolling over to his tummy, to get up onto his hands and knees!!!

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Mum2ella,
My son Jordan is six months old & is 71cms long & weighs in @ a healthy 10.55kgs!! People always comment on how big he is, but I think it just shows that he is obviously healthy & happy. Jordan has been on solids for about a month now & absolutely hates them!! I am only just now getting him to eat 2 meals a day & he will only eat the tiniest amounts, but as long as he's still putting on weight & happy there isn't much I can do. I'm not going to force feed him & cause bad food associations & it's not like he's wasting away! @ this age I think bigger is definatey better ( even if my opinion is slightly baised!)
take care


I'm so glad to hear of other 'mums of big bubs'. My son is 19 weeks and weighs 8.18kg. He's around 68cm long so I figure it's all even. He has steadily gained 250g a week and has been ravenous since birth. I am breastfeeding and he gets one solid feed a day. I was getting a bit worried about him being at the higher end of the scale but my community nurse told me never to worry about how fat a breastfed baby gets. He hasn't got michelon rolls but he's damn heavy.
Hi I have a 4 month old and I no hes big but I didn't relise he was as big as your little girl hes 9.2 kg but hes a little beauty! But im not sure what happened as soon as he got my milk that was it he grew hes slowed down alot since hes been put onto formula (not my foult he got a bit to hungry at one stage while teething and my nipples suffered!) but at least I no hes healthy!
My son is 15 weeks old and already weighs 7.3kilos. My clinic nurse told me as long as there proportion there is no need to worry. If your baby is above average in length as well as weight then it should be fine. Saying that though every baby is different, so don't compare your child with others too much and once their crawling and walking she'll work off that excess in no time at all.

Regards Dayna

Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

Hi there....
Dont be worried. I'm a small person and I gave birth to a 11.8 pound baby and he just turned 7 months last week. Everyone always says he is a big baby - though he doesn't look fat - probaby big bone. My son eats his breakfast, lunch and dinner plus his 3 bottles a day. My son isn't crawling as yet either .... but one day they will and all their energy will go on that and may even lose a few...
I believe as long as you are not over feeding your child its alright - they are just growing at their own pace.

Erika, NSW

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