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How much does your 71/2 month old weigh? Lock Rss


I have a 7 3/4 month old son who weighs 10.2kg. He eats all fresh vegetables for dinner, yogurt for lunch, cereal for breakfast and has 3 bottles of formula a day. He was only 7lb 10oz born but has grown into a little giant. He is now crawling and I have been assured that once he is walking that he will loose his "baby fat".
So don't worry. I am sure that you would rather your daughter to be healthy and be a big bubba than to not eat and be sick all the time.

Belinda, NSW, 8mth baby boy

Hi there
just letting you know that my daughter of 11
months weighs under 7 kilos but my best friend has a son of 6 months and he us 10 kilos.
(you may find when she starts to walk she will thin out)
I wouldn't worry to much, baby's grow at different might find soon that she might slow down with her weight gain and have a growth spurt. But all the same my little man is only a month older and weighs 13.3kls. He isn't a little michelin man he's just very tall and solid, but his dad's big as well. As for the fact that she is not crawling you will probably find that she will slow down w hen she does

Beth, QLD,

Hello again girls.
My little girl now 5 months also weighs over 10 kgs.
She is still on the breast and I started her on solids at 4 months,twice a day so far.
She is a very healthy and strong baby and i must say having chubby cheeks and legs she looks adorable.
By the way, she has never eaten a full 10/20 minutes (milk) since she was born but she was eating on the hour or so.
Now she's on the 3 hourly feed and still putting on weight.
P.S always keep in mind that all babies are different , I know alot of other babies including my 1st that weighed alot less.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hello my daughter will be six onths old in a few days and weighs in at a healthy 10.02kgs. She is fully breastfed and has 3 meals of solids a day. She fits size 12 month - 18 month old clothing, and is both tall as well as large. She is three times the size of her cousin who is two weeks younger. They were due only one day apart but I had her at 38 weeks gestation so my Dr could go away on holiday. She wieghed 7lb 10 1/2 oz at birth and is now 22lb 7 1/2 oz she is 73 cm in length and is in my terms a big girl. She is healthy and happy and loved by all she knows, and that is all that matters to me. I am a bit worried she may be a big girl but am positive that she'd be able to hold her own.


Hi there,

Your doing the right thing by setting good eating habits early. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the weight thing, my son was born 6 weeks prem and weighed in at 4 pd, 14 ounces. by the time he was 7.5 months old he weighed 10.5 kgs. Now he is crawling, his weight is stableising. So give her a chance to move around before becoming overly concerned.

BB,Vic,18 month son

I've only just joined and have only just read everyones messages - what can I say, I'm so glad to finally hear that I am not the only one with a large baby! My 5 month old is 9.01kgs and 68cm long - as big as his brother was at 9 months!! Both of my boys have been breast fed, my eldest is only just over the 50th percentile, the youngest is over the 97th percentile for weight. Some things were meant to be!

Simonne, WA, 3.5yo and 5mo boys

I wouldnt worry too much about weigh at this age. Ina few months she will be running around and it will all drop off. My neice when she was a baby we called her the budda and 8 years later she is very very tiny.

adrian,QLD, 11mths

hi:) i'm new here:) my daughter will be 7mths on friday, & weighs 18lb.
My son is only 14 weeks, and already weighs 7 kilos. He definitely doesn't look fat, but he isn't small. He was 8 lb 15 oz when he was born.

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi my son Corey is 7months old and weighs 10kgs.
He is the same has 3 x meals & 4 bottles (sometimes 5).
My clinic nurse said not to worry about it, as long as he either follows or drops under the line in the blue book that everything is fine.
Also I love the look of chubby babies.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

dear mum2ella, I understand your concern. as long as her height(length) is proportion to her weight she more than likely growing normally. babies do not necessarily grow in a smooth continuum as suggested by all the growth charts that you see. instead they grow in spurts in a jigjaw step wise pattern and your little one have just reached the top of one of the steps.
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