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Walking now running Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I'm a first time mum and just wondering how other mums went when there little ones started to walk. My DS started walking at 8.5 month he is 9 months old now and such a busy little bee some days it is hard to keep up with him!

I'm interested in how different your houses changed to accomodate your wobbly legged little one and what tips and advice you have on finding shoes.
Would love to hear stories and any advice muchly appreciated

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

forget the shoes get the socks with the little grippy things on the bottom. most baby shoes have inflexible soles and make baby walk flat footed otherwise they put pressure on the toes both of which can cause foot problems later in life. so let your wonder bub run free.
my boy also walked very early, BiiiiiG trouble!!
at that age they don't understand the meaning of danger but they sure know how to find it lol
i moved everything out of reach locked the cupboards and drawers put safety everything everywhere and just when i thought it was safe he learnt to climb!!! one day he climbed out of his high chair when my back was turned and i found him (after searching for 15mins) sitting on top of the fridge!!!

jessies mum

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