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anyone think the same just secretly to themselves? Lock Rss

Hi there,

Does anyone secretly think that their baby is getting too fat or too big for their age? I am a little concerned with this, though a bit silly I know. My little girl is 6.5 months and weight approx 8.5-9kg. Not too sure how long she is but at last measurement she was around the 63cm mark. I secretly think that she is fat and willl get too fat, though the rational part of me knows that when she starts to crawl and walk she will loose those excess rolls. She is happy and smiley all the time, tears on usual things like wet nappy, hungry and tiredness. I am not a big person, I am 156cm and 53kg, my hubby is 185cm and around 80kg. Does anyone else secretly think their baby is fat? Is anyone else is this same category with thier thoughts or their baby being around the same size? I guess I just want to know that i am not alone! Many thanks.
Nope I think babies are meant to be little chubbas and should eat until they are full. Dont stress yourself out too much. If you are overly concerened speak to your MCHS. Let your baby be happy and dont put your issues with weight onto her. She will be ok!!

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my ds is 10mths and nearly 11kg.he is chubby but ive never seen him as fat.u really dont need to worry as like u said once they start walking they loose it long as wen they get older u teach them to eat properly u will b ok.but please dont stress urself over this.u have a happy bubby and ur doin a great job!
Hey darl!
I bet if u go through ur baby photos u were prob a chubba bubba! and now your a lean mean muscle machine! haha SOrry
the same will prob happen to her! By fretting about it u are giving ur child a really bad outlook on food which could eventually turn into a eating disorder in her teens, which is worse. Just encourage her to eat fruit and Vege! and there shouldnt a be a prob!

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i used to think this! your not alone, there are others out there... It's not something you really want to talk about, but being big my self i would think it would be my fault if he ended up fat!? but just wait, you will see a lot of changes once they start walking. My little guy has shot up, and is walking and running - he has been stable with his weight and is not fat at all.
good luck... and just wait! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

thanks mums out there, though I only just posted this yesterday the replies have been fantastic and I know that I am not alone. I agree that babies need to be a bit chubby otherwise they aren't really "babies" are they? I am feeling better about this now that I have had read your thoughts about the matter. Many thanks.....SJ smile
Judging by you and your husbands weight it doesn't sound like your baby is genetically predisposed to be fat and as long as your she is healthy and happy, don't worry about her weight. Too many people in this world are obsessed with the stick thin figure as it is. Don't force her to grow up any quicker than they already do.

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since my bub started formular she has put on sooooooooooooo much weight and i love it
i am extremely thin myself so mabey i feed her up?????
no no its ok lol.
she seems happy and content and i have to admitt i love fat babies,they have those little lackaband wrists and triple chins i think its so cute

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i wouldnt be concerned at all. babies are meant to be a bit on the chubby side i think. its so they can grow into their skin. i just too jett for his 4month shots yesterday and he weighs in at 7.9kg and is 65cm. now, you tell me if thats too big. i didnt think so because he doesnt look big to me but, my mum always says he's fat. i think he's just fine and im sure yours is too. like the others have said, if you are worried just speak with you cchn.
dont stress. your bubs perfect.


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