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How much does your 71/2 month old weigh? Lock Rss

Im new here and would like some different opinions! My Daughter is nearly 8 months and weighs 10.75kgs, does anyone else have a big bubba? Im a bit worried as I am also on the big side and dont want her to follow in my footsteps. I dont feed her anything with sugar in it and keep her meals at 3xday and 4 breastfeeds. She doesnt over eat I dont feel. Any ideas? She is rather active although she isnt crawling yet. Any one else out there have chubby bubbys?


Just had a look in the blue book my eldest weighed 10.75kgs at 7 3/4 months ! He was michelin baby, and like your little one, never ate sweets etc. He is still a big boy ( 3 in May ) but his legs, arms tummy etc don't have those rolls anymore, he is solid !
My mil said she thougth he would be slow to walk as he was so heavy but he was running by 10.5 months, so dont worry too much

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i wouldnt be too worried. my boy just turned 4 months and weighs 9 kg already!! all he has is breastmilk and has been sleeping through since 6 weeks. my neice was the same and she is now 12 mths and crawling around and has lost a heap of the michelin man rolls now. once they know how to move that "baby fat" may just drop off.

kaz, qld, girl 2, boy 4mths

Listening to all of your messages is making me worried as my baby who has just turned one is still only 8.4kg and has been that weight for sometime now. I had a look in my two other childrens blue book and noticed that they were both weighing alot more at the same age.
My son weighed in at nearly 11kg at 71/2 months of age so I would not be so concerned unless your clinic nurse is worried about his weight but my son also lost alot of weight once he started to crawl and walk. Now he is almost seven and is really tall for his age.
I love to hear news like this because when my son was 71/2 months old he was 11.84kgs. I am breastfeeding and dont give him anything with suger either. He has been crawling for quite a while now and doesnt put on as much weight. Im sure once she starts crawling she will barely put any weight on like my son.He is almost 9months now and has only put on 160grams in six weeks. Please dont let anyone tell you that your baby is too chubby because chubby bubbys are very healthy and get slimmer when they start to crawl and then walk.

Sonya, WA,9mth baby

I don't know how anyone else feels, but I think babies should have a bit of weight on them. If they get ill or decide not to eat then they have something to keep them going. My oldest son was definitely large (12.5kg at 9mths) and now he is so active that all the weight has just disappeared. My youngest is keeping up the tradition weighing 10kg at 6 months. Neither of my boys eat a lot, they don't eat any junk and both are extremely active. I view their size as babies as a sign of very good health.
I'm a mum to a 6 month old boy, who weighs 9.5kgs, and everyone that I meet says he's a BIG boy. He's only just starting to have solid food, so he's been relying on the trusty old bottle to get him this far. He does love his tucka, but I don't over feed him, he only has 4-5 200ml bottles of milk a day and about 1-2 tblsps of rice cereal once a day. He's not crawling yet, he can't even "caterpiller" off the spot. I'm not to concerned about his weight yet, as I know once he's mobile it'll soon fall off. I don't even think of him as being chubby, fat, whatever, I'd like to think of him as "HUGGABLE". I've been told not to worry to much, BUT to ENJOY them as they are, because all kids are different.
My baby is 18 weeks old and weighs 16 pound, that is 7.26 kilos, another ldy had a baby th ame day I did and that baby is half an hour younger then my boy, and he is only 10 pound, so when there together, he is very big compared to her, and when people see him they say ' arent you a big boy' all I say back is he is just healthy.
So ont worry about the weight as long as they are healthy.
My daughter is 8 mths old I am unsure how much she weighs what I do know is she is in the same size nappies as my 26mth old and off the chart when I first got her weighed. I am however unconcerned as she is very happy and at the moment very healthy she is the opposite to my son she sleeps well and is a constant joy I believe she will loose allot when she begins walking and encourage water in her diet. I am also a big girl but I believe if they are happy and content so should you be.

fiona,vic,26mth old& 8mth baby

I think parents know what is right for their child. I have constantly been told by child health nurses that my son is underweight and needs to eat more. He won't! He is tall and both my husband and I were small babies. If they're active and happy, then so be it.

mum of 4

I have a 8 month old baby boy and he weighs 10.01kgs and I am not worried and you have no reason to be worried either because once your daughter starts to get active (crawling,walking etc) she will trim down. My little one has actually lost weight now that he is rolling around every where. Besides there is nothing wrong with a big bubby, they are healthy and thats all that really mathers, so relax she will be fine.

Leah, NSW, 8mth baby boy

Hi! my son has just turned 6mths old and he weighed 8.73kgs about a month ago so he'd be at least 9kgs now. i dont think weight is really a problem at such a young age. I was worried that he was too big as he was at the very top of the graph in his 'blue book'. Hes healthy and happy and thats all i think about right now.

amanda,nsw,71/2mth old son

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