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Hello, I’m very new to this web site ….
My little man was born 0n the 16th of November... 6 weeks early ... In Western Australia...King Edward Hos... 7.180kg and growing fast!

He spent 5-6 weeks in the special nursery care unit … before we could take him home, but we had him home for Christmas!

Jai is coming up 5 months and is such a happy wee man… very content … people tell me he should be starting solid’s soon …but I am unsure when to start him… should I treat him as 5mths…of the 3and a half that he is>>>so unsure… he is not hungry, as in dissatisfied by his bottle and only eating 150ml per feed, 6 times a day…. ??? can you start to soon!
Any body else out there with a little premature buba … I would love to chat

Kim WA 5mth buba

Hi Kim,

My son Logan was also born prem. He was 7 weeks early, born in Melbourne on July 22 (Due September 9).
He weighed just over 2220g (was going to be a big boy at full term!) and spent just over 4 weeks in special care.

For the first few months we went by his corrected age but now that he is 8 months we usually do things by his actual age.

Logan started on solids at 5 months but this was because he was paying a lot of attention to what we were eating and seemed very interested in having a taste! At this point he was still on 6 bottles a day 180ml.

He is now 8.5 months and 9.45kg.

I would love to chat to you,
Justine smile

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

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