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Hi all,

Firstly didnt know where to put this topic so hope this place is OK.

I am a catholic and was going to have my baby christened. How ever his god parents who i have grown up with since i was 2years old are not.

I presume because of this i can not have my baby Christened/baptised with them as part of the ceremony and that perhaps i should look at a naming ceremony and just my hubby, bubs and i do the christening later.

Can any Catholic gurus out there confirm or deny that it is not possible with non religious godparents, and for those of you who have had a naming ceremony, what do you do in it. The last time i attended any ceremony for a baby was when i was pretty much one myself.

Help please....


kiwi, 12/10/05

I am not catholic but the anglican church requires that the god parents be baptised also.. which makes life hard I know!

Naming day is just a civil service held wherever you want generally performed by a celebrant but can be a close friend also.

The idea of the naming day is so the child is then able to choose their own religion when old enough to do so.

It is a hard choice which way to go.. I am in the same boat also.
hi i am not sure about catholic but anglican which my kids are you have to have the Godparent who is the same sex as the baby christened/baptised. so my daughters had to have the Godmother be done and same for son and Godfather i don't think it would be much different in catholic they are all pretty much the same. i did go to a naming veremony also and thoroughly enjoyed it, the celebrant came and basically welcomed the baby into the family and the godparents were the same as in the church but no religion was mentioned and there were poems and vows (kind of) but very simple and very warm and welcoming it was nice. and food and drink afterwards, i would consider the naming ceremony myself but my 4 others are christened so i can't leave 1 out.
My husband is catholic, and I am not, and I just had my son baptised in the Catholic church, so I am right up with the rules and regulations!!

The only stipulations are that both godparents be over 16 years of age, and one of them must be catholic, and have taken the eucharist (?) not sure on the spelling there.

Having said that, when we filled out the paperwork, at no point did we need to provide evidence of this, so I suspect we could have said that one was catholic even if they were not. (We have elected a catholic godfather and athiest godmother).

I'd suggest you talk to your parish priest, and ask if he would consider making an exception for you, alternatively, you could always ask to have 3 godparents, and elect a 3rd, catholic one just to keep the church happy!!

Good luck!!

Both my children are baptised catholic. One godparent has to be catholic, although you can have more than 2. Also you can have them by proxy if not able to make the ceremony (someone does have to stand in for them). The forms don't seem to ask for proof of religion of godparents, but I certainly couldn't lie to a priest!!!!. You also do not have to have one of each sex. Hope this helps.

(The godparents do have to renew their baptismal rites as part of the ceremony and my husband who is not baptised found it quite uncomfortable about saying yes/i do to this but felt he had to in front of the priest. Might be worth mentioning to a non baptised go parent).

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

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