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"Baby Einstein" DVDs Lock Rss

Hi There.
I thought some of you might have the 'Baby Einstein' DVDs for your little ones. Does anyone show them to your bubbas?
I put Baby Mozart on for Bubba when shes upset with her teeth and she loves it, she laughs at the puppets and it takes her mind off the teeth pain. It really helps!!!
I'm not trying in any way to make her a "genius", which is what some women have said to me.
I just want her to be happy and healthy.

dd b. 31/07/05

HI MumOf

Yes, I have 2 - Beethoven and Mozart - and my bub loves them! He gets soooo excited when he sees the caterpillar crawling across the screen as it's starting. Beethoven is his fave and he's been watching it since he was only a couple of months old (can't remember exactly when I bought it LOL). I think they're great dvd's and are so stimulating and colourful - and if it helps bub to learn things along the way, there's nothing wrong with that. Don't worry about comments from other people - how you entertain and educate your bub is up to's no different to them watching Play School or Sesame Street - they're all educational and entertaining at the same time. It's all good!

Sounds like you're doing a great job. smile

Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

There is also a cartoon on the Disney Playhouse channel on Foxtel called Little Einsteins its made but the same people. My DD LOVES it. It is a cartoon but features different artists and composers in each episode. My DD will watch every second of it laughing, squealing and kicking her legs. We let her watch it every now and then but she cant take her eyes off it while its on.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

Hi there
My son is 11 months old ans=d he has watched them since he was 4 mnths old, I started on Mozart to Beethoven then to galileo and others lol he loves the puppets on them so every morning we put on a Einstein dvd for him to watch smile
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