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Screaming!!! Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

For the last few days, my 11 month old boy has been screaming. It's not a screaming in pain screaming. He screams when he is happy, when he is playing, when he is not allowed to have something he wants, when he is ready for the next mouthful of food, when he is being held etc.

We were out shopping today and he was screaming in his pram and it's so loud that everyone looks to see that we're not torturing him!!!

Is this part of speech development? Anyone tell me that this will stop because everyone around us would like our ear drums to stay intact!!! LOL

Bye for now.

Can't tell you it will stop, but can sympathise. It's so embarrassing and annoying when people give u that look that says "what have you done to that child" or "do something then".
My DS does it all the time too, it is loud enough to make my eardrums vibrate!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

oh yes when my bubs dicovered her voice at 13 weeks it was like"oh my god im in controll of"
she would scream,coo giggle and chitter chatter to herself and still does
people must think i must of just smacked her lol
but its just her being a very happy little bub

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Oh yeah! My bub (8.5mths) screams all the time. Now I just scream back and she thinks it's the funniest thing!

I am a bit concerned that she is thinking she's in control at dinner time as she screams and I put another spoon full of food in her mouth.

Where are her table manners? Does she think she has it over me? When do I start telling her it isn't OK to speak to Mummy like that? Any ideas?

over worked n under paid

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